Naming Fluttershy's Parents, Trixie's Mom, and the Sphinx

Terminal Rex

Going Indognito mode..
Sundazzle Lulamoon doesn’t fit, It can’t win! A pony can’t be named after both the sun and the moon when her colour and cutie Mark only feature one of them. It’s thematically contradictory :(.
Perhaps I should have compromised with Beatrix Sundazzle after all…
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You could have perhaps provided your own suggestions. Also, some of those names are based on the names they planned on giving her (e.g. Showcase Spectacle). It’s a shame that Showcase and Spectacle weren’t also provided as voting options here on their own too.
That being said, I’m not too happy seeing the names I disliked the most winning these polls for her. Not happy at all.
@Mr grump  
Agreed. I’m not liking the ones that have Lulamoon for her names for that reason.
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Shiny Catburb Horse
Isnt the sphynx named the sphynx. Similar yo how in our real world the sphynx statue is called the sphynx??
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Hor’em’akhet is the closest we have to the real name of the Great Sphinx of Giza. We just call it “sphinx” because that’s what the Greeks called it, after a creature of their own mythology, a winged lioness with the head of a human woman, which, according to Hesiod, was named Phix; the sphinx, because she was a unique creature.
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