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I’m pretty skeptical of that assertion, at least for the main A and B covers. Those are almost always completely relevant to the story. The RI, convention, and other special covers they go wild with on random art.
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Faze Gabi
Why did his plan have to involve a extremely powerful artifact? He could of just made a fake bell and have them go and retrieve it instead of it being real. tirek betrayed him once what made him not think he’d do it again?

@Hali the Emoji girl
he didn’t know they got to the bell and if he did know it was real, didn’t know they could use it as we saw they had to break in and get a book on it. The bigger answer is because of discord’s arrogance its the same reason he didn’t think to destroy the elements or think the mane six could use them against him despite celestia and luna turning him once before. The plan failed due to arrogance not any malicious intent.
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@Hali the Emoji girl
So, at least he succeeded, though not in the way he wanted it.
And while it did make discord a jerk, let’s be fair, he at least learned his lesson in season 10.

@Hali the Emoji girl
except for the fact that discord planned on being a safety net like he said himself so the plan failed due to arrogance. And given his powers it makes sense he would not think anything can go wrong or if it did he could easily fix it. Discord saw it as fake danger and ultimately after beating unremorseful characters twilight would have the confidence to rule the kingdom.
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With some people saying bad things about Discord I can only imagine him singing Would I lie to you? by Charles & Eddie.
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So according to a spoiler, the harmony didn’t even last a single generation. Though that begs the question of how long it’s been. All three races could communicate easily so no more than 1000 years… And who is this shadowy alicorn? Surely it can’t be Flurry Heart… Are there any leftover loose ends in G4? Let me think… Ashlands timeline, Villain Trio, Svengallop, Season 10, Spur being dubiously canon, and that’s all I can really think of…
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