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This question is for G5 IDW. Could the culprit who stole one of the unity crystals be a new pony villain who would be like what Sunset Shimmer was in the first Equestria Girls movie?
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It could be but I think the culprit is someone who wants to keep magic from returning. They may not have bad intentions. Who knows what restoring magic can do to bad guys.
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(Does this comment technically stay within the rules?)
In the very first story arc in the comics, I feel that the story made fun of (possible) genocide – deliberately dehumanizing a race of innocent kitties. I feel the first story arc makes a terrible mockery of “Friendship Is Magic”.
For further discussion, I have made my own thread about it here: https://derpibooru.org/forums/pony/topics/times-that-mlp-failed-at-friendship
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I’m scared that I’m going to hate that first cover mainly due to what Sunny’s holding. Mainly because the only thing it seemed to have accomplished so far(aside from getting people somewhat excited for the new comic which really isn’t such a big deal) is rekindle the annoying fire that sparked from Season 9’s finale. You know what I’m talking about.
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