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Uploading not working - switches to recaptcha after pressing "upload "
Posted by lincolnbrewsterfan
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How do I go about requesting that one of my own images go away?
Posted by Korora
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i try report a dub image but got rejuct
Posted by Paddy sparkle
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How do I search the DNP list?
Posted by Background Pony #AF6C
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We know that a lot of artists DNP because of the controversy but how many decided to stay?
Posted by Background Pony #ACFC
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Derpibooru Mobile App ?
Posted by bloom3d
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Chryssibooru – an Android app for browsing Derpibooru
Posted by Angius
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Major issue with one of my uploads.
Posted by Sparrow9612
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Removal of pic 2481090
Posted by SnoopyStallion
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Deleting own comments
Posted by Background Pony #B8F6
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Change/reorder artist links?
Posted by Stellarator
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The Anti-Spectacle DNP Pledge
Posted by AaronMk
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How to delete an upload?
Posted by Prince_Sol_Invictus
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You can't access page error
Posted by Background Pony #91Z0
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Pls fix 8 image descriptions
Posted by Blackie Wiremane
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how do u add tags anonymsly
Posted by Background Pony #81B4
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Derpibooru is fairly slow today
Posted by Angius
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Have any artists that DNP because of the controversy a few months ago returned?
Posted by Background Pony #11BE
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Request - dump of all pastebin urls on Derpibooru
Posted by HueHueHue2
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Posted by Umbr30n
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Pls elaborate Tag Guidelines (categories, aliases, implies)
Posted by Blackie Wiremane
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upvoted by id
Posted by zykfryt_uchiha
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"Paradox of Tolerance"
Posted by Scorch215
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[Userscript] User Blocker
Posted by Marker
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On Broken Images
Posted by Background Pony #8634
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