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The Sockpuppeting Problem
Posted by Background Pony #4485
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to staff it may concern...
Posted by Coco
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Pro-free speech on the site but IRL against nazis
Posted by Background Pony #D2C4
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Just wanted to say something
Posted by Raptorshy
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General freedom or removing offensive content?
Posted by Frosku
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Rule 0 General Thread
Posted by Iamunknown
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Pro-censorshit on site but IRL a nazi
Posted by NateHiggers1488
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Dishonesty in Language of Discussion
Posted by Frosku
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I'm done
Posted by Grave_Mind
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Fair Use Concerns
Posted by LemonDrop
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(Opinion) To politically decent bronies: please stay
Posted by BadgingBadger
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A proof that Nazi weren't being promoted or getting pupular on this site!
Posted by Background Pony #896E
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[UserScript] Absolute timestamps on Derpibooru forum posts, comments, etc
Posted by Background Pony #84E0
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SHA512 checksum integrity problems?
Posted by Lapsio
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I just filed the 6 millionth DNP!
Posted by Background Pony #18CF
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A Tragedy Deeper Than Censorship
Posted by AaronMk
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Safe way to archive my artwork?
Posted by Binkyt11
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WTF is going on? (Site Staff Only PLS)
Posted by DJPon3dogg
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I'm tired
Posted by Phoenixflambe
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Wondering what these two codes mean. Force filter. 180825 | GFPF
Posted by Dreygoth
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Do we know how may artists have left the site? And if yes, then who?
Posted by Sunpie
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Undoing ‘do not see’ button
Posted by Background Pony #5326
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Issues with reporting
Posted by SubLt. Skydreams
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The Anti-Censorship DNP Pledge
Posted by Datte-Before-Dawn
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The Anti-Nazi DNP Pledge
Posted by Aponty
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