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Is there a way to block other users?
Posted by Background Pony #B354
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The New Do-Not-Post List
Posted by Joey
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Standardization of text markup
Posted by Angius
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I Personally Feel Derpibooru is Racially Bias
Posted by Dust Rock
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Spoiler tag that filters last ~3 episodes automatically
Posted by EpicLPer
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false take down
Posted by SnoopyStallion
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Spoilers Not Working
Posted by marsminer
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Removing account or mass unfavouriting/unupvoting?
Posted by Background Pony #7DE9
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Artists who ask offsite for people not to repost their art here should be added to the DNP
Posted by TexasUberAlles
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Namize Background Ponies! No to boring hex values! (js userscript)
Posted by Background Pony #9BB6
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Error loading image
Posted by Background Pony #CA84
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Complete account wipe
Posted by Background Pony #2DA7
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[Userscript] DERP Fullscreen Viewer [0.7.16]
Posted by St@SyaN
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Could I get some clarification about Rule #3?
Posted by Background Pony #495E
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Is it okay to report a picture instead if there's too many inappropriate comments to report?
Posted by Binkyt11
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We need to talk.
Posted by raakamagna
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Image download corruption
Posted by DaMagics
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[Complicated] Would this constitute an OC?
Posted by Fibriel
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Can't seem to get a filter to spoiler new-ish pics
Posted by Wellwater
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State of the Booru
Posted by Blossomforth
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Ban racist jokes, memes and Aryanne
Posted by daveedila
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Deprecating minimum and maximum score
Posted by byte[]
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"Muffins" the pony
Posted by Looney Moon
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What Happened to featured image?
Posted by Metapika025
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Filter by score?
Posted by Pegacorn
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