Don't blame me, I voted for the other guy. (Politics General)

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Oh, yeah, I couldn’t quite remember what it was called, but yeah, Washington sent troops to put down a rebellion. How likely will those rebels be compared to the 7% of BLM protests that didn’t maintain non-violence?
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Highly unlikely, if only because the Whiskey Rebellion has become rather obscure in our history. Pundits will stick with calling them lawless anarchists with no respect for rule of law as per usual. That, or anti-white.
Also fun fact: Of the ~7% give or take of BLM protests that escalated and property damage occurred (Oh the humanity! /s), the authors of that same study compiling the data found that the majority of them were escalated either by the police or pro-Trump counterprotesters.
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In the latest “Face Eating Leopards getting their own faces eaten” news, California GQP called the cops on a grumble of MAGAts who crashed their party. Yes I did google for that pun why do you ask?
“Police were called to step in after a group of conservatives wearing orange shirts that said ‘RINO hunters,’ with crosshairs making a target of the ‘O,’ tried to storm a Republican Party of Orange County meeting in Costa Mesa on Monday night,”
“The group was led by Nick Taurus, a self-proclaimed American Nationalist who last year spearheaded a protest during a town hall for Rep. Katie Porter, D-Irvine, that turned violent,” the newspaper reported.
“It’s RINO season, and there’s no bag limit!” Taurus posted to Twitter.
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Regardless, no matter how hard someone may try to interpret the law as something benign, the reason for its existence and its intent for application is clear: whitewash history by scaring people, and educators in particular, from talking about any of the several race-based atrocities the US committed in the past or how those still have an effect in the present.
Seems like more of an assumption coming from you, if you ask me, considering that any actual, indisputable proof that these are the actual intentions behind the Republican law maker’s push for bills like this to be passed have yet to be brought forward.
Assuming is still essentially just guessing, and it is completely unwise to act like you have the intellectual and philosophical high ground above everyone and anyone who may not automatically agree with you when you are basing any one of arguments of any serious topic on an assumption, or more than one of such.
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@The Smiling Pony
Knowing your past post history in this thread, I’m genuinely not surprised at all that you would resort to utilizing a lazy attempt at deflection to avoid the personal inconvenience of responding directly in genuine faith at an argument that for once, isn’t the usual low-hanging fruit that you usually charge after.
By all means, I really, truly am not shocked at all.
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I mean Ron is the same guy who said that someone’s ability to drink a beer is more important then their ability to wear a mask to stop COVID from spreading.
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The anti-CRT law is bad, but I think xxzxxzxxzzx is talking more about stuff like firing health department workers trying to talk honestly about the pandemic, and falsifying infection and death rates while burying the real figures.
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