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"We all have a special someone in our lives. It happens at all levels, from family to your best friend. Some more platonic and others more romantic. We go through our lives searching for a partner, why should anything hold us back from being with that person we love?

A bit of a celebration piece for the bill that passed recently passed making Same sex marriage 100% legal in the United States. There is still a long batle ahead to get full equal rights for same sex couples but this is a step in the right direction.
I hope you all like this piece. Had a lot of fun doing it."
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he ate Good Eric

"Them knee-grows ain’t welcome at the white prom, as Gawd is mah witness. And neither is them girl ponies whut likes to kiss them other girl ponies." spit
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@Greg Universe
These days, liberals and conservatives are pretty chill with interracial marriage. Give it a few decades; Both sides are gonna be pretty chill with gay relationships too.

Over the whole country, probably. But the South is still balls deep in the stone age.

Alabama waited until 2000 to repeal their ban on interracial marriage (over 30 years after it was overruled by federal law), and 40% voted to keep it. It constituted a small majority of whites in the state.

Four years ago, Mississippi Republican primary voters were polled on the old interracial marriage ban, with nearly half of them in favor of reinstituting it.
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