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I know. That's my point. The type of people portrayed in this parody image make me sick. I don't need to pretend to be someone else to piss everyone off with my pretentious viewpoint, or use fantasy characters to support my twisted way of thinking. At this point I'm so disconnected from reality that sometimes I think I'm a cartoon character as it is.
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Oddly enough, it might have been because the parents taught their children to behave a certain way because of past experiences. Three things are related to this.
The experiment done with monkeys (The OP in that page is what I had looked for, but it turns out it's likely made up. On the other hand, the linked comment is similar in nature)
The practice of Circumcision was because of years of conditioning
Engagement Rings are a Scam, for the same reason ~(There wasn't a listed source in the description, but there is this and this
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This is what Flash-Sentry haters (fake bronies) use to justify their argument of hating the character.