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I'm a physics undergrad specializing in relativity. Although I've barely touched the topic formally, I've read and worked through a number of books (including textbooks) on the topics of special and especially general relativity, and am doing undergrad research with supercomputer software to model Einstein's field equations in a dynamic environment incorporating magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) simulation.

Take a wild guess as to who my favorite pony is! :P
(She my waifu!)

I'm also a Mormon, and a single guy looking for a mare who highly values rationality and objective analysis and loves the sciences at least half as much as I do. Which is kind of a tall order… Wait, this isn't a dating site? Drat. I'll keep pretending it is.

So I may be a scientist, but I'm not completely dry. In fact, I'm about 70% water. And kinda young at heart, though typically very calm on the outside. My role models include C.S. Lewis and Penrose, and I try to be like that calm, gentle, intelligent professor everyone loves;
(And one day aim to literally be a Ph.D — wielding professor at BYU)

I LOVE snuggling down under a blanket on an icy evening in front of a fireplace with hot chocolate, brie cheese and a good book — usually something science. Also writing, drawing, and doing theoretical physics. I also spend a lot of time thinking of my stories I'm writing. Actually kinda vaguely considering doing that for a living instead. But as of the moment, I'm more going towards physics, maybe a space engineer (NASA, maybe some space company, launch vehicles, systems engineer for spacecraft, maybe mission architect).


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Sciencepone of Science!
@Cirrus Light

If you want to get to the heart of the real problematics: Living conditions for the slaves of the cotton plantations of the American South in the early 1800s were better than the living conditions the Africans who mine for cobalt (that makes the lithium-ion battery in your cellphone possible) have today.

Just Google image search "cobalt children" and then think about every person who upgrades each time a new iPhone comes out.

My activism of keeping a phone as long as possible before upgrading does more for the world then all the Twitter activism of being butthurt about this image does combined.

Hah, beautiful. Waiting a week to upgrade your phone would do more than a hundred long angry rants of moral posturing and virtue signaling on the internet.

Glad to learn my habit of putting off upgrading for many years was actually unknowingly helping the world, lol.

I was thinking of getting a synthetic diamond for whenever I want to marry, though, just so I'm not getting a bloody one. And because technology is cool, lol.