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As requested & yet again a newer even more updated family tree with, some magical lesbian spawning, cross multiverse travel, some time travel & paradoxes that goes with them, insert fan character & with a very & extremely heavy does of Royal Habsburg Family Theory in practice, made into an all beautiful cluster mess that is this very family tree i hope you like this even more than the last one i made. (Princess Gold Lily & Princess Sterling are Twin Sisters is the Magical Lesbian Spawn Daughters of Pricess Celestia & Pricess Luna & they are in a Twincest relationship)
Also i got ia friend here wh wants to ask you something. Hello Bronies it is Princess Nyx Sparkle here & if it is ok i would like to ask what you all think about my family tree?
@Background Pony #8670  
Needs more incest, honestly.
…I’m assuming this was meant to be a joke of some sort instead of just weird?
And also let us note that Skyla is still popping up, but nobody ever uses Princess Gold Lily or Princess Sterling for anything.
I’d say it’s more like a map made by someone who’s never been to the place they’re drawing a map of or drawn a map before.
artist needed26337 source needed15839 safe1785504 edit139347 edited edit2650 edited screencap69796 screencap232924 vector edit3348 applejack175749 chancellor neighsay679 comet tail893 curly winds673 daybreaker3001 firelight453 fluttershy220411 honey lemon91 jack pot314 king sombra14471 moondancer5096 moondancer's sister89 morning roast89 night light2455 nightmare moon17527 pinkie pie223028 pony of shadows507 prince blueblood4249 princess amore275 princess cadance33614 princess celestia97850 princess flurry heart7668 princess gold lily71 princess luna102014 princess skyla414 princess sterling55 radiant hope557 sci-twi26035 shining armor23936 some blue guy650 spike81598 star swirl the bearded2084 starlight glimmer50576 stellar flare1291 stygian822 sunburst7184 sunflower spectacle217 sunset shimmer66007 sunspot (character)59 surprise3072 teddy t. touchdown325 trixie69636 twilight604 twilight sparkle310318 twilight velvet4546 oc732263 oc:nyx2250 alicorn239057 changedling9033 changeling51384 crystal pony4687 demon3208 dog10345 dragon60484 human162291 pony1087056 serpent73 snake2910 umbrum1259 unicorn357115 a canterlot wedding2973 a photo booth story151 a royal problem2200 amending fences1270 best gift ever2461 bloom and gloom1043 eqg summertime shorts3203 equestria girls211798 equestria girls (movie)7709 equestria girls series36150 forgotten friendship5772 friendship games12908 fundamentals of magic✨ w/ princess celestia27 g115193 grannies gone wild855 idw15660 keep calm and flutter on1085 legend of everfree8174 magic duel2202 mirror magic2600 no second prances1895 perfect day for fun214 player piano166 princess twilight sparkle (episode)2729 rainbow rocks18657 rollercoaster of friendship3152 school daze2831 season 12915 season 22384 season 31286 season 43099 season 51937 season 61153 season 7997 season 81342 season 91514 shadow play1328 siege of the crystal empire235 sounds of silence3384 the beginning of the end2218 the best night ever1484 the cutie mark chronicles1005 the cutie re-mark3247 the parent map1078 the times they are a changeling949 to change a changeling774 to where and back again2807 twilight's kingdom3191 uncommon bond828 spoiler:comic10854 spoiler:comic1880 spoiler:comic3448 spoiler:comic3750 spoiler:comic40158 spoiler:comicannual201364 spoiler:comicfiendshipismagic1109 spoiler:comicfiendshipismagic336 spoiler:comicfiendshipismagic578 spoiler:comicholiday2014126 spoiler:eqg specials5536 spoiler:guardians of harmony65 spoiler:s081094 spoiler:s09984 1000 hours in ms paint6114 absurd resolution67780 alicorn amulet1911 alicorn oc28551 all seasons2 alter ego66 ancient17 ancient ruins20 angry28721 armor24943 artifact1105 attack316 aura923 baby10927 baby bottle782 baby pony6990 background human6327 background pony10616 badlands59 bag5444 balloon10586 banner2092 bare tree81 beam287 beam struggle103 beanie3916 belly30455 bench2731 big crown thingy2471 blank flank7819 blueprint192 boots23644 bottle4428 bow30950 bowtie11012 breakout4 brother356 brother and sister4654 brothers960 building2690 bush2930 bushy brows185 button942 caduceus44 canterlot5926 canterlot castle2317 canterlot gardens91 canterlot high2890 canterlot library68 cape11127 castle2168 cave3564 chains5266 changeling hive654 changeling kingdom109 cloak4592 closed mouth197 clothes488799 cloud32933 clusterfuck34 coat3012 collar35818 colored wings7085 confusion214 conspiracy199 conspiracy theory105 counterparts881 cousin incest121 cousins740 cowboy hat18015 crack shipping3759 cradle43 crib565 cringing303 cropped51545 crossed arms5576 crossed legs3446 crown18620 crystal2850 crystal castle239 crystal caverns128 crystal empire2381 crystal heart906 cup6704 cursed357 cursed image785 cute210104 cutie mark51157 cutie mark on clothes3708 dark crystal227 day1651 daydream shimmer930 dessert417 diabetes651 diaper14100 discovery family logo11769 discussion in the comments742 dog tags544 door4200 downvote bait1051 dream orbs55 dream walker luna760 dreamworld8 dress47078 duel270 duo67739 element of magic2480 elements of harmony2536 equestria is doomed169 equestria is fucked17 ethereal mane8852 evening551 evil3098 evil counterpart54 evil grin4779 eyes closed101593 family4628 family tree372 father609 father and child1112 father and daughter2758 father and mother29 father and son962 female1434059 fight6372 fighting stance339 flashback1073 flower27470 flying40591 foal15964 g1 to g43931 generation leap6037 generational ponidox251 generations15 geode of empathy3394 geode of telekinesis3295 glare8353 glaring daggers23 glasses66776 glimmerbetes3956 glimmerposting283 glowing5924 glowing eyes11954 glowing hands352 glowing horn21332 gradient mane1030 gradient wings862 grand galloping gala544 grandchild8 grandchildren7 grandfather29 grandfather and grandchild97 grandfather and granddaughter36 grandfather and granddaughters2 grandfather and grandson32 grandfather and grandsons2 grandmother119 grandmother and grandchild245 grandmother and grandchildren3 grandmother and grandson58 grandmother and grandsons2 grandparent4 grandparent and grandchild5 grandparent and grandchildren2 grandparents75 grandparents and grandchildren15 grandson13 grass10513 grass field751 great granddaughter10 great granddaughters3 great grandfather7 great grandfather and great grandchild6 great grandfather and great granddaughter6 great grandfather and great granddaughters3 great grandfather and great grandson3 great grandfather and great grandsons2 great grandmother14 great grandmother and great grandchild4 great grandmother and great grandchildern1 great grandmother and great granddaughters3 great grandmother and great grandsons3 great grandparent2 great grandparent and great grandchild2 great grandparent and great grandchildren2 great grandparents and great grandchildren2 great grandson4 great grandsons3 grin42966 gritted teeth13814 habsburg8 habsburg is magic3 habsburg theory3 hand on hip8003 handbag182 hands on thighs108 hands on waist122 happy32983 hat93341 headband3656 headcanon2430 heart51353 helmet11595 high school149 hill931 hive399 holding3520 holiday22034 horn83833 horse statue21 horseshoes2319 house2436 i have several questions25 implied incest1725 implied time travel54 inbred85 inbreeding222 inbreeding is magic6 incest14305 incest everywhere2 incest is wincest16 incest play90 incestria girls171 indoors3696 infidelity7061 insane fan theory107 jacket13784 jacktacle65 jewelry71983 jossed121 king214 king and queen12 leather boots262 leather jacket3897 leather vest84 legs9051 lesbian100970 levitation12904 logo3852 looking193 looking at a mirror2 looking at each other22350 looking at you181738 lying down21655 lying on bed1993 magic77256 magic aura4970 magic mirror539 magical artifact45 magical flight5 magical geodes10382 magical lesbian spawn13061 male399746 man143 mare518938 medallion150 meme84500 mirror5577 moon24888 morning1025 mother2396 mother and child2872 mother and daughter6228 mother and father72 mother and son3185 ms paint6154 ms paint adventures26 multicolored hair6290 multiverse188 necklace21622 necktie7840 night28345 night sky1916 number44 number seven2 numbers201 nyxabetes127 nyxposting25 official comic2476 offscreen character36975 offspring42062 op is a duck4604 op is right73 op is trying to start shit2923 open mouth161562 outdoors12343 paper3383 party hat2540 pattern198 pavement30 pearl385 pearl necklace1529 pillar371 plant2269 plate1828 pocket209 ponehenge60 ponytail19528 ponyville6191 portal1979 prince203 prince and princess2 princess2296 princest2227 project77 queen673 quill2797 rainboom bursto!27 raised eyebrow6823 raised hoof50229 recolor4538 reflection3425 reformed sombra146 regalia22025 request4025 requested art1428 ripped pants579 road920 robe3849 robes343 rope12168 royal guard8253 royal guard armor976 royal sisters4722 royalty1292 rug687 ruins1285 sand2607 scared11029 scarf24484 scenery8407 school1856 scroll3522 seat204 self paradox1442 self ponidox8541 seven9 shadow4620 shadows252 shedemon8 shimmerbetes4540 shimmerposting17 shiningcadance2796 shipping209534 shipping fuel1619 shirt27105 shoes40255 siblings10244 simple background422645 sire's hollow158 sister419 sister-in-law27 sisters9779 sitting67528 skirt42118 sky15558 smiling272612 smirk13511 smug6479 snow14416 snowfall4577 snowflake787 spear2558 speculation303 speech bubble25380 spike the dog2709 spikes772 spire38 spread wings59331 stained glass1282 stallion121260 standing13719 starburst1306 starry eyes3653 stars16910 statue2451 straight143384 street795 struggle67 struggling1087 stygianbetes40 sun7092 sunbetes302 sunflower528 sunset satan1370 sunsetsparkle4489 surprise attack12 sweater15290 symbol437 t-shirt4828 table9742 tail bow6054 tapestry87 telekinesis29576 text63907 the avatar of friendship53 the fall of sunset shimmer11 theory423 thick eyebrows526 time paradox493 time travel396 top393 top hat4405 train2641 tree34685 trixie's family15 trixie's parents43 trojan horse34 twilight sparkle (alicorn)127968 twilight's castle4183 twincest678 twins2401 twolight1234 undercover20 unicorn twilight19649 update110 updated458 updated image62 vector79052 vegetation16 vest4118 wall of tags3957 way above habsburg level of inbreeding2 way above habsburg level of incest2 weapon32168 welcome to the show205 well249 white background106343 why2660 wincest47 wingboner8471 wingding eyes24154 winged boots3 winged shoes70 winged spike8695 wings130959 winter4590 winter outfit1604 wizard662 wizard hat965 wizard robe91 woman505 wondercolt statue64 wtf2313 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2451 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario alicorn25 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario habsburg3


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Background Pony #C2F1
If you feel that you need to ask me more questions about this, please do ask me all the questios you want, just ask me 1 question at the time.
Background Pony #C2F1
Wow wow wow, slow down my friend, take 1 question at the time, that is way to much questions to explain in 1 go.

@Background Pony #CE9D  
How about:  
Trixie being Starlight’s mother and Sunburst’s cousin, both Trixie and Twilight being Luna and Starswirl’s granddaughters, not to mention Starswirl being Twilight paternal and maternal grandfather making Night Light and Twilight Velvet half-siblings, Blueblood being Cadence’s father and Twilight’s uncle, Sunset being Starlight and Sunburst’s daughter, Stygian being Neighsay’s son, Chrysalis being the incestuous magical lesbian spawn of Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker, shipping Flurry Heart with Moondancer’s sister. Basically, everything that isn’t confirmed canon has holes you could drive an 18-wheeler through.
Background Pony #C2F1
I am very sorry to tell you this, but this wasn’t meant to be a joke in anyway shape or from. Please tell me, what part does make absolutely no sense in your mind?