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Images tagged infidelity

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infidelity (4573)Tag changes
Short description: Being unfaithful to a spouse or sexual partner.
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adultery, big n rich, bluedance, bowdance, bowdash, bowmac, bowsoarin, brightjack, brightwhistles, buttercake, cadalis, cadancepie, cadanshy, cadash, cadmac, carrotshy, celestiance, cloudybreeze, cloudylight, cloudyspike, cookiebreeze, cookieshy, cookiespike, crankylight, crankypie, discodance, dusk shield, dusk shining, filthilee, filthyflare, filthynelly, filthyspoon, flashcadance, fleurdance, flithyarmor, flurryarmor, flurrydance, flutterarmor, flutterdance, fluttervelvet, gentlepear, gleaming chrysalis, gleaming metamorphosis, gleaming sparkle, glimmerdance, igneousdance, igneousmarble, igneousmaud, igneouspie, igneousstone, infidelity armor, jasbriar, limequartz, lunaspikelestiance, lundance, marblequartz, matwilda, nightcookie, nightdance, nightheart, nightmarearmor, noganshy, pearbloom, pearhoof, pearlight, pearmac, pinkilda, pinkquartz, poseydance, poseyflare, poseyflash, poseynight, poseyspike, princess cheatdance, rariarmor, raricrumbles, raridance, rariflanks, raririch, scootahoof, shining chrysalis, shining light, shiningbottom, shiningburst, shiningdash, shiningjack, shiningjoe, shininglane, shininglestia, shiningluna, shiningmac, shiningpie, shiningsentry, shiningshimmer, shiningsombra, shiningsparkle, shiningspectacle, shiningvelvet, shintrix, shynambula, shyshy (lesbian), shyshy (straight), soarin' armor, somdance, spelvet, spikecake, spikedance, spikemor, spitdance, spitshine, spoiledcake, stellarbelle, sundence, suricrust, sweetieflanks, twinight, umbrashield, velestia, velvebutter, velvecora, velvet cadance, velvet cake, velvet sparkle, velvetbreeze, velvetflanks, velvetflare, velvetshy, velvetwhistles, windybutter, windydash, windyflanks, windylight, windyshy, windyspike

Detailed description:
A character who is married or in a committed sexual relationship having sex with someone other than their partner without the partner’s consent. Do not use on images where the sex is non-consensual (rape is not infidelity), or images of polyamorous characters having sex with their partners.
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