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I just had a Ruger 10/22 takedown model out at the range, and had lots of extraction problems with ammunition that runs reliably in my other guns. I disassembled the bolt and found the lower corner of the extractor hook badly worn, and also burrs on the extractor's edges. Ruger punches the extractors out of soft sheet metal and it is a testament to the design that they work as well as they do, but maybe a hardened tool steel extractor would be more reliable.

I should probably replace it with a tool steel extractor. I don't have any spares at the moment, so I stoned off the burrs, polished its sides, polished its base where it rubs against the extractor spring plunger, the outside forward side of the extractor hook that slides across the case rims. I also polished the front of the extractor spring plunger and cleaned the extractor slot, then applied a bit of light oil before reassembling. Now the extractor pivots in its slot more freely, but I won't know if it's fixed until the next time I have a chance to get to the range.

I also was using BX25 magazines, which sometimes, apparently, have problems with some ammunition types nose-diving into the feed ramp built into the metal feed lips at the top. One of them did this several times, so when I got home I disassembled it, cleaned it, put a shortened fired case on the spring axle on the side of the follower to act as a spacer and hold it straight, and polished the inside of the metal feed lips and the feed ramp. Now the top cartridge sticks up at the proper angle, so maybe it's fixed. I also did a 45 degree chamfer on the the edge around the chamber about twenty thousandths of an inch all the way around and polished that too, just in case a cartridge feeds a bit off center one day.
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Now we just need to see a homemade tank gun that looks like it's built with legos.

You seem pretty experienced on that, are you a 3D Gun Printer?
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@Background Pony #5252

True, but the teal and grey ones at the bottom-centre of the picture don’t use any regulated parts. The teal one, an FGC-9 has an ECM-rifled barrel and the bolt is just two metal rods JB-welded together.

The 3DP gun community is very cognisant of increased gun control, so is moving away from unregulated gun parts in the American legal sense, and towards guns that can be built anywhere, alongside the ammo they run.

@Goku Black

That’s because it’s quite a basic-build suppressor. Standard-sized ‘can’ suppressors have also been developed and successfully tested.

@Background Pony #AA1F

It’s one of the advantages of 3D-printing: customisability, and not just in colours either.
Background Pony #AA1F

Those look… like toy guns in all honestly.
I have no idea what are those, but somebody didn't think of children

@Dex Stewart

Because sometimes you need to calculate that danged bullet drop, distance and wind speed with a pistol.
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Yeah, this is the case when it matters. Though considering American cardboard houses, I'd be afraid to shoot even a .45 inside.

Most of them are only lowers, so they only tackle the unusual gun control of the US. The other ones are more useful though.

I'm afraid the politicians won't understand reality for many years to come and will push for more gun control and censorship, thinking it can prevent people from obtaining guns. I can even see them attempting to regulate pipes and drill presses.

@Dex Stewart
I love how the previous post discusses gun control in a serious tone and then you post this thing whose designer was out of control.
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Have you ever wanted a gun,but we're like,"if only it were shaped like a dinosaur eating another dinosaur's ass…"

Here you go.
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Can’t stop the signal
In two years we’ve gone from Songbirds, Wayfairys, and Derwood’s progenies to this:

What was once a small community of enthusiasts in the US is now a community of tens of thousands worldwide working on bringing guns to the masses, and subsequently destroying gun control.

@Background Pony #5252
Sometimes Calibre type can matter in context. For example, my dad has a .357 magnum revolver. But he uses a compact .45 for home defence. Because unlike a .45 slug, a .357 is a slim, high velocity round that has a higher likelihood of going right through a human target. Something you don't want happening in your home. Especially if you aren't living alone.

Yes, my dad and I favor .45 over 9mm.
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The good news: Remington ammo will be available again.

The bad news: it's Remington ammo.

Thunderblots. 😒

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