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Fanfiction » Pipp and Hitch vs. Chad Elijah and Chandler [NSFW] (Part 1) » Topic Opener

Artist -

Yuu Rezbian Mii Tuu! XD
Trigger warning: Adult Themes, strong humor, and ded memes; Not for the faint of heart.
(Note: I write my stories cause it’s more comfortable and easier to know who’s talking.. Got a problem with that? Call the mods or 911.)
Hitch and the Purple Dragon team watch Elijah’s fight with EDP landing multiple critical hits.
EDP uses Football Fisting, the crowd roars
Elijah uses Axel F and lands a critical on the 5th hit
Hitch: You have to admire the work that went into EDP Kolosseum.
Pipp: Especially the different critical hit things on screen. :3
Elijah uses Unseen and turns invisible, blending with the background
EDP uses Finger Beam Barrage and misses
Elijah uses Dino Tail then uses Draccelerate
EDP kounters with Football Fisting sending Elijah flying back and losing his invisibility making the crowd roar louder then uses Guardian Eye Beam making Elijah too scared to move
Hitch: That’s the first time in my whole time knowing the little guy that I’ve seen him too scared to do anything.
Pipp: growling at Chandler across from her a long distance in the audience
Chandler winks at her and Zipp
Zipp: Pipp, don’t.. It’s what he wants.
Pipp: I won’t let us be humiliated in front of my babies. Snarls
Elijah lowers his mask as he shifts his head into his dinosaur head and uses Gag Reflex dissolving EDP’s clothes making Rarity, Sunny, Izzy, Zipp and everyone cover their eyes in disgust and fright
EDP staggers with his arms and legs partially showing bones
Chad Me: slowly stands up R. KELLY HIM!
Shang Tsung is laughing his a__ off
Shao Kahn: looks at evil me WHAT THE- REALLY!? How can you say that with the coldest expression?
Chad Me: Did you really take over this realm and not question how it works? Just came out of one of Volo’s portals and decided, “This realm is mine!”.
Music: MK2 Friendship theme
Me: ☝️ Actually, EDP.. pulls out cupcakes as everyone uncovers their eyes for more cringe Here are some cupcakes I personally decorated just for you. ^^ (Just turn yourself in already)
Hitch: facepalms Oh Elijah.. shakes his head
Izzy: pets his shoulder You’re not the only one that doesn’t approve of that outcome.
Sunny: watches intently He might be onto something..
Hitch: Hopefully not crack.
Chad Me: Elijah wins.. Friendship?
Shang Tsung: Sounded a little unsure there.
Me: places them in front of EDP Enjoy them, big guy; These may be your last decent treat for some time. EDP falls back Oh, dead already? I guess no cupcakes for you this time.. Diabetus.
Chad Me: points at Hitch Trailblazer You… Will be next..
Shao Kahn: BUCK THIS, I’M OUT! Your cringe has assaulted my eyes and ears for the last time. Walks away
Chad Me: C’mon Leroy Jenkins- I mean Shao Kahn, the real fun has only begun..
Shang Tsung: Fight your battle, I’ve trained you well. Shao Kahn is cranky today. ^^
Zipp: Hitch, be careful. Cuddles him Plz.
Sunny: The good one has used Jutsus, this one gives me a bad feeling. Zipp told me he has Telekinesis, whatever combo he’s planning is a fatal one.
Izzy: Where’s Pipp?
Zipp: Don’t tell me she went after him..
Alphabittle: Haven is missing too! I saw them go after Chandler. I couldn’t keep up..
Me: Old man and still a simp. X3
Alphabittle: At least I actually have a gf, the only girls you ever had in your life are your waifu plushies and your right hand. You call me a simp trying to impress Mistress Haven and your collecting garters and panties for someone you never had a chance with; Give me a break. You’re projecting, you and Shang Tsung would be great friends; You’re only strong in your head, but in reality; You’re weak, you’re fragile. My daughter is… Infistable.
Zipp and Sunny: ALPHABITTLE!
Misty: Father… Looks shocked he would say that
Me: Well played. Goes to the bench
Hitch: Wow..
Sunny: Little guy, wait! Follows me
Cyrax: That was a verbal fatality.
Alphabittle: Wait for him to do a real one. ^^”
Misty: Father, blushing that was uncalled for. I’m not immune to being fisted. You both need to apologize to each other.
Alphabittle: He’ll get over it.. He took that eerily well. I wonder what goes through his head when writing this cringy a-
Shao Kahn: socks Alphabittle across the face That felt good letting out that anger.
Shao Kahn: Big talk for a little pony. Where’s Opaline, your mistress?
Misty: After Sunny smacked her down and pinned her to the wall with Wall Crash, she finished her with Magnitude 10 making the castle crumble on top of her.
Shao Kahn: Hmhm, Sunny Starscout’s first fatality. Tell me more about this “supposed death”.
Misty: She never responded when I called and looked for her, so I thought she was dead.
???: So that gives you the Ok to forget the one who found you when you were lost, saved you from the director, camera crew and the defenders of Cuties to follow the earth pony? If you’re going to double-cross me Misty, at least keep it interesting for me. Her eyes are glowing red as she licks her fangs then spreads her Golbat wings
Opaline: Too bad points at Misty YOU…. will die.
Misty: Mother, what big teeth and claws you have!
Opaline: Don’t like my new look? Onaga isn’t really what Shao Kahn and Reikou were so afraid of, I have harnessed his powers.
Misty: What about your Golbat wings?
Shang Tsung: The castle did crumble on top of her, but she was fatally injured. I teleported her to my lab and injected Veternian serum in her wounds.
Opaline: I am now part Tarkatan, Dragon and Veternian! Cackles
Sunny: Little guy? Pets me Plz don’t turn invisible, I want to talk to you. Snuggles
Elijah purrs and licks her
Sunny: Hehehe, cute little licker~ You did great in your fight with EDP. Alphabittle didn’t mean to,-
Me: He’s right, you know; Just busting his balls.
Sunny: Your ability to control bones has gotten more predators off the street than they can spawn. It would be ashamed if we lost you. Hugs me and cuddles
Me: blushing What is the meaning of this?
Sunny: You just want to be held, don’t you?
Me: purrs as tears start falling
Sunny: Awwwwwww, you took down one of our most wanted targets, good boy. kisses my cheek
Elijah’s tears evaporate as he looks at Opaline approaching her and starts growling
Sunny: Huh? Looks behind her
Opaline: Hello again, Earth pony; Your supposed Fatality was a Heroic Brutality. Next time you attempt a Fatality, make sure your opponent’s actually dead.
Sunny: You should’ve taken that as a chance to change. I won’t kill you, Opaline. You need to turn around-
Me: I will, vampire.
Opaline: Were you not just crying in her arms, dinosaur?
Me: Caught me slippin’; Don’t think that means I’ve gone soft.
Sunny: Elijah, plz.. You have better morals than that.
Me: You don’t know me that well, Sunny Starscout.
Opaline: Remember when you threatened Opaline Arcana that you were going to tie her to the radiator and my reply was, “A colorful threat you’ll never live to fulfill.”?
Zipp: I’m not the only one he told that to.
Me: We can go right now, give you something to moan and groan about.
Had to split into 2 parts cause word limits, yayyy!

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