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The Mane Five was at a balloon party Sparky the magic dragon had made with his sneeze magic in Hitchs jail. Sunny Starscout was scared of the red, clear, shiny and round balloons, but she felt hot and hard under her legs as Pipp Petals gave the nervus pony a 4 hour static balloon hair massage with a red, shiny and round balloon the pony rubbed heself under her legs for 4 hours. The ponies and the little crocodile was then grabbing a red, shiny and round balloon for 3 hours while Sunny felt a little less scared of balloons. The day after was Sunny Starscout, Sparky and the other ponies was finding a hidden Super 8 tape and an old camera in her lighthouse, and that tape was one that Argyle had found in the ruins of Canterlot. Sunny Starscout was putting the video in the camera, and was showing the video to her friends. There was compilation clips of the Mane 6 in Ponyville, and then an crowded festival in Canterlot a decade ago. The estival was ending with DJ Pon3 playing all night long. The video was ending with a guest saying that this was the festival that Pinkie Pie had made to have a final festival before the end of the World that next day, and then the tape was ending. That video made the ponies make a travel to find the remains of Equestria that laid beyond the ruins of Canterlot.

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