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Lord of the Empty Seat
A small series of Halloween stories focusing Sunset’s transformation, and eventual rise as a Vampire:
Just one night off, that’s all Sunset wanted.
One night to cut loose, enjoy herself and leave caution to the wind…
However, when she encounters a rather enticing woman, Sunset finds herself unable to turn down her advances… and quickly ends up getting more than she bargained for…
It’s the night of a special Halloween party, and Twilight Sparkle Is eager to show off her new Vampire costume to her friends. However, it quickly becomes clear that her costume might be too good, as she soon catches the eye of an actual Vampire by the name of Sunset Shimmer. One who has big plans for her new prey…
Finding himself at the mercy of a seductive Vampire, Flash must outlast her “trial” by enduring an immense amount of pleasure from his entranced girlfriend.
Desperate to earn their freedom, he must avoid submitting to his inhibitions… or become Sunset’s midnight meal…
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