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Nostalgia Purist
A squirrel and Prince Rutherford was together in Pinkie Pies party cave after the party for the yaks from Yak Yakistan one spring evening in Ponyville. There was games and stands from all over Ponyville that day. The squirrel and the the cow catched a purple, round, big and shiny balloon until midnight. After that was the rodent massaging a big bunch of creaking, wide and round balloons in many colors on strings against two horns on the cow until late at night non stop.  

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Nostalgia Purist
It was three months after the Hearth’s Warming Eve play. Both Princess Celestia and the Mane Six was together at the party for the yaks from Yak Yakistan one spring evening in Ponyville. There was games and stands from all over Ponyville that day. The yaks were wearing funny hats and glasses they got the stands. The ponies and the the yak granbbed a purple, round, big, shiny and clear balloon until midnight. After that was Prince Rutherford rubbing the balloon against Princess Celestia´s very wide horn until late at night non stop. The party for the yaks had first been ending at dawn. Later that next night had Twilight been falling asleep in her castle. Twilight just had a nightmare that night. It looked like something that could take place in the future. Twilight was in Ponyville long out in the future. It was 1000 moons since that the ponies they had been declaring peace with the yaks. A war had broken out, as a virus had spread out all over Equestria. All the ponies in Ponyville and the Mane Six and Spike that now were armed soldiers was fighting against an army of armed creatures with sharp bloody fangs, and bloody cuts on their bodies.
“It can’t be the yaks who had send these creatures.” Twilight told her friends.
“That must be the virus who made the creatures we are fighting.” Rainbow Dash said to Twilight.
Then were Twilight waking up that early morning after that nightmare. Twilight could remember that there was a prophecy from one of her books about a future virus outbreak that had been sold and spread all over Equestria by a lab that suddenly had been abandoned in the Eastern Equestria. Some moons later had the yaks been inviting the six ponies to visit Yak Yakistan in the summer. So as the six ponies they visited the yaks, was Spike and Big Mac having a Dungeon and Dragons game with Discord that day.  

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