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Nostalgia Purist
The Gala was over and The Mane Six, Princess Celestia and Spike was all together at Pony Joes. The princess and her friends thought the party ended in an epic failure. Outside Pony Joes were the moon shining over the distant mountains. Ponies were still partying at the Gala in Canterlot in the meanwhile.
Part 1
The day after.
The Mane Six and Spike they met at Sugarcube Corner to talk about the Gala a  
Suddenly was the baby dragon burping up a letter while Applejack and Fluttershy got startled.
“Dear Spike and Mane Six. I hereby invite you to a summer camp at Canterlot this weekend.” Spike was reaing to her friends.
“Interersting and I remember there summer camps at Canterlot as a filly.” Twilight said to her friends.
The days passed and at last were the weekend coming. The ponies and Spike prepared for the camp.
Later that sunny afternoon were the ponies arriving inside Canterlot and the princess greeted them.
“Welcome everypony and I hereby welcome you to the camp.” the princess said to The Mane Six and Spike.
“And thjs calls in for a welcome party.” Pinkie Pie said.
Later that warm evening was the ponies exploring the big Canterlot Garden where Discords maze was once . Night came and the welcome party started.
“This is my jam.” Pinkie Pie was saying while she stood in the crowded hall.
Then Applejack was putting on a record Records playing, ponies danced in a sea of balloons and there was loads of drinks and food. The party went on till late at night and there was a speech by the princess, games and much more in Pinkie style. Applejack met with Prince Blueblood
“Hey Applejack it’s nice to see you again.” Prince Blueblood said to Applejack.
“Nice to see you again.” Applejack said to Prince Blueblood.
“So you care for a dance?” Prince Blueblood asked the farmer pony.
Then the two ponies went out for some dances that night. The Canterlot party went on till early in the morning where the ponies and Spike went to bed. Later that afternoon was The Mane Six and Spike going to shop in Canterlot while Rarity and Twilight they both were guides. Later that evening where Applejack and her friends going back to the castle.

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