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{The Crazed Maniac}
Le Character full
He used to cause Trouble toward’s a yellow shy owner of his but….After a freak accident involving potion’s he transformed from a Bunny into what he calls a Ghostling. Now he’s just hopping around Californeigh after being outcasted from Ponyvile by everyone viewing him as a freak…until he bumped into a certain Zebra.

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It was a sunny day on the streets of Californeigh as Aisha trotted down the sidewalk, her large flanks shaking side to side and her jewelry clanking and glistening on her hooves and braided in her mane.  
Cali was the place for everypony and every need, and she happened to fulfill one of those. To most onlookers she was just an attractive mare thicc in both flank and crotchboob, which she highlight with her fashion but stayed tasteful enough to be in public. To those who looked twice, they could figure out her profession as a “mare of service.”  
She hoped walking through town would churn up a good amount of clients. If that didn’t work she’d detour to the beach boardwalk. All the earned money was hers as she only worked for herself.
No vore, scat, underage or ANYTHING like those.  
(Despite her job, I will not do rape or abuse.)  
Obviously must be 18+  
Please have decent grammar and if you can send more than 1 sentence and be also be descriptive that would be a huge plus!

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