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Thread Starter - The evil council continuation

Anorokaya: But… usually the people survive with it long enough for us to treat everyone.

Smuggler: "Us"?

Anorokaya: In the large sense of the word, you know, my species… It's an ambiguous part of our language it's ok if you didn't get it right I guess you learned it only a few month ago.

Smuggler: Yeah. Well you better have stuff to show soon. I think we'll get to your part of the deal already now.

Anorokaya to Pepper: Well I guess we are rushed on this. Do you think you can be fine until we're back with backup or something?
Thread Starter - The evil council continuation

OOC: Hi.

Smuggler: That. Some medical supply from your kind. They worth gold in place that deal with outbreaks of your disease like Dakan. I've heard it's so bad there than the imperial forces securing the city trade them for amnesty to smuggler who give them some.
Thread Starter - The evil council continuation

OOC: Yeah, art have a value hard to define for smugglers. There would be jewels which are something in the middle between art and money if made of really precious material. And I think it was really a common things among criminals from before paper money(paper money that doesn't involve putting one of the parties' signature) to use things like that to avoid carrying large sums in gold coins that would be heavy and hard to hide.
Thread Starter - The evil council continuation

OOC: You could give a shot at saying the truth, the medical supplies, or art stuff. Anorokaya already got her money back from the first guy they caught in the mall anyway.

I had an idea a while ago to give another little bad side to the space visitors with people stealing artifacts from the planet in order to resell them after the first contact crisis had reshaped their civilization and their culture. That would be like when a painter die and his work's price skyrocket but with an entire civilization.
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