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safe1658563 artist:nukilik78 spike77248 twilight sparkle294153 dragon53513 pony922739 unicorn303929 animated96186 annoyed5322 baby10161 baby dragon1329 baby spike689 behaving like a cat2093 book32456 bookshelf3405 curled up288 cute192541 cutie mark45450 daaaaaaaaaaaw3537 debate in the comments235 definition of insanity2 diabetes628 eyeroll550 eyes closed88324 featured image846 female1321533 filly63971 filly twilight sparkle2654 floppy ears49894 frame by frame3925 frown22255 grumpy2473 hnnng2370 ladder744 levitation11624 library3120 lidded eyes29346 looking up15680 loop5145 magic70867 male357208 mama twilight1087 nukilik is trying to murder us7 nuzzling3855 photoshop3708 ponyloaf384 prone24717 reading6070 sitting60312 sleeping22792 smiling235175 snuggling6445 spikabetes1959 spikelove1156 telekinesis26672 twiabetes11302 unamused15430 unicorn twilight16021 weapons-grade cute3567 wide eyes16646 yawn1355 younger16775


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@Cirrus Light
I always thought that was because they're drawn to anything with their owner's smell on it, and/or body warmth. Or just warmth. Like how cats will hop into a basket of fresh from the dryer laundry and take a nap.