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safe2155236 artist:nukilik79 spike91863 twilight sparkle354836 dragon84307 pony1583187 unicorn529211 g42008094 animated124857 annoyed7183 baby16397 baby dragon4292 baby spike755 behaving like a cat3040 book42996 bookshelf5556 curled up419 cute263267 cutie mark51435 daaaaaaaaaaaw6918 debate in the comments280 definition of insanity2 diabetes689 eyeroll699 eyes closed137156 featured image1196 female1782013 filly96267 filly twilight sparkle3422 floppy ears71956 foal42933 frame by frame4698 frown35611 glowing18438 glowing horn28737 grumpy3215 hnnng2743 horn179571 ladder1034 levitation16081 library4127 lidded eyes46853 looking up23635 loop7322 magic95588 male543416 mama twilight1199 nukilik is trying to murder us7 nuzzling5028 photoshop4052 ponyloaf838 prone34601 reading8019 sitting90799 sleeping29084 smiling390265 snuggling7391 spikabetes2651 spikelove1267 telekinesis38599 that pony sure does love books1348 twiabetes15188 unamused23757 unicorn twilight32441 weapons-grade cute4632 wide eyes19761 yawn1804 younger22634


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Of a certain baby dragon who acts like many felines who think attention is more important than what their owners are doing when spike thinks a nap right on twilight’s book is to be more important.
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@Cirrus Light  
I always thought that was because they’re drawn to anything with their owner’s smell on it, and/or body warmth. Or just warmth. Like how cats will hop into a basket of fresh from the dryer laundry and take a nap.