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Fixed mouth and details of >>>463208
suggestive (114800)artist:xioade (396)apple bloom (44067)cheerilee (8900)scootaloo (46978)sweetie belle (44272)earth pony (153589)pegasus (193420)pony (712389)unicorn (209986)bow (19754)cutie mark crusaders (16453)drool (20375)eyes closed (69019)face down ass up (6241)female (774126)filly (51435)foalcon (15716)foaldom (308)hair bow (10614)mare (344045)masochism (252)open mouth (105987)paddle (631)spanking (2258)spread wings (41571)tongue out (76986)

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Yet One More Idiot's avatar
Yet One More Idiot

(Previously known as Yet_One_More_Idiot)

World's biggest idiot xD
"Cutie Mark Crusader Dominatrixes, YAY!"

And that’s how Cheerilee wound up in jail.
Cheerilee: The correct plural of Dominatrix is Dominatrices. Now paddle me harder for speaking out of turn, o Mistresses!
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Background Pony #836B
Hmmm… yep, that face definitely calls for a "masochism" tag.

And… possibly "foalcon"?
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Background Pony #C37B
"Oh yes girls! that’s it! Oh I’m so close! I’m a naughty school teacher! Oh Sweet labia Celestia I’m cumming!!"

"Cutie Mark Crusaders pony paddlers!"
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