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Fixed mouth and details of >>>463208

suggestive191888 artist:xioade395 apple bloom60430 cheerilee11292 scootaloo59088 sweetie belle57078 earth pony511558 pegasus504103 pony1620661 unicorn545868 g42046845 bloomdom43 bow45269 cheersub2 cutie mark crusaders22542 drool35089 eyes closed140472 face down ass up11595 female1821009 femdom10437 femsub14457 filly98634 foalcon22192 foaldom472 hair bow25986 mare753055 masochism382 mouth hold23949 open mouth241114 paddle975 scootadom44 spanking3429 spread wings96468 submissive23596 sweetiedom91 tongue out148824


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Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
“Cutie Mark Crusader Dominatrixes, YAY!”
And that’s how Cheerilee wound up in jail.
Cheerilee: The correct plural of Dominatrix is Dominatrices. Now paddle me harder for speaking out of turn, o Mistresses!
Background Pony #6D91
Hmmm… yep, that face definitely calls for a “masochism” tag.
And… possibly “foalcon”?
Background Pony #E96F
“Oh yes girls! that’s it! Oh I’m so close! I’m a naughty school teacher! Oh Sweet labia Celestia I’m cumming!!”
“Cutie Mark Crusaders pony paddlers!”