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safe1584846 edit119424 edited screencap57172 editor:binkyt1147 screencap205981 rainbow dash220716 rarity170925 spike74393 twilight sparkle283547 alicorn199229 dolphin385 dragon48825 pegasus246724 pony855190 unicorn273215 ail-icorn240 spoiler:interseason shorts819 angry24357 animated92806 bed36872 censored3542 confused4204 covering mouth225 crawling156 cute180945 dashabetes8166 dashie mcboing boing32 eyes closed81231 female1184674 frown21526 glare7977 implied vulgar33 lidded eyes27137 lyrebird dash29 madorable575 mare426239 meme78977 prone23600 puffy cheeks3562 raised eyebrow6227 rariskate28 red nosed396 sailor mouth9 sick1673 sicklight sparkle56 sound7269 spongebob squarepants2681 spread wings48334 talking4610 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116091 wat18443 webm10804 wide eyes16085 winged spike7397 wings80987


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