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safe1599132 edit121462 edited screencap58558 editor:binkyt1147 screencap208645 rainbow dash222311 rarity172336 spike75036 twilight sparkle285923 alicorn202395 dolphin388 dragon49687 pegasus251666 pony868255 unicorn278436 ail-icorn242 spoiler:interseason shorts826 angry24648 animated93398 bed37349 censored3573 confused4280 covering mouth232 crawling157 cute183370 dashabetes8313 dashie mcboing boing32 eyes closed82650 female1271930 frown21665 glare8013 implied vulgar37 lidded eyes27655 lyrebird dash30 madorable592 mare432060 meme79232 prone23773 puffy cheeks3597 raised eyebrow6280 rariskate29 red nosed397 sailor mouth10 sick1677 sicklight sparkle57 sound7499 spongebob squarepants2709 spread wings48954 talking4736 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117212 wat18544 webm11080 wide eyes16208 winged spike7603 wings83994


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