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Archived from my old Tumblr ‘ASK-TWILIGHTSPARKLE’.
Colored by @siurize
PATREON : patreon.com/skutchi
#mylittlepony #Brony #bronies #comic #skutchi #TwilightSparkle #spike
“Spike growth” :
Original >>19261

safe2173813 alternate version86527 artist:skutchi137 spike92380 twilight sparkle357655 dragon85371 pony1601998 unicorn537724 g42028511 adult3431 adult spike1517 age progression879 ask27394 blushing273990 book43549 candle7012 cheek kiss3138 colored24969 comic135402 crying55455 cuddling10744 dialogue92955 eye contact7683 eyes closed138923 fangs40087 feels1680 female1802143 flying55026 frown36127 hug37592 imagination382 imagining49 kissing32532 laughing11055 levitation16247 looking at each other34315 looking back86492 looking up24026 lying4619 magic96607 male550516 mama twilight1198 mare740713 older39949 older spike8984 on back34215 on top1543 open mouth237424 pony pillow138 prone35191 quill3391 reading8106 sad31357 scales2579 scroll4322 sitting92322 size difference21320 sleeping29381 smiling397255 spikelove1271 spread wings94450 sun9242 teary eyes6879 telekinesis39051 this ended in tears122 this will end in tears4328 tickling5919 tumblr36185 underhoof68933 unicorn twilight33191 wall of tags6638 watching1918 wavy mouth5539 wide eyes19868 wing blanket304 winged spike10128 winghug3902 wings222855 writing1531


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Oh, how I miss early FiM. I much prefer the bittersweet uncertainty of the old days than most of the dull clarifications I got from the show over the years.
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I like Spike’s older designs here. Its a neat mix between Lauren Fausts original older dragon designs with some unique elements added to it.

Biggest loser
I looked at this years ago and used to feel sad, no I can actually confirm my emotion are dead as I just feel nothing even for this
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I miss the show so much
I remember this comic from the olden days.
They both got their wings, but comic is still as sad as it was back then.