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safe2175449 artist:skutchi137 spike92438 twilight sparkle357971 dragon85470 pony1603753 unicorn538477 g42030411 adult3445 adult spike1531 age progression880 ask27399 blushing274362 book43594 candle7019 cheek kiss3140 comic135499 crying55505 cuddling10751 dialogue93081 eye contact7684 eyes closed139106 fangs40141 feels1680 female1804024 flying55118 frown36155 grayscale49213 hilarious in hindsight3831 hug37624 imagination383 imagining49 kissing32564 laughing11065 levitation16256 lineart24401 looking at each other34371 looking back86619 looking up24057 lying4620 magic96697 male551242 mare741808 monochrome175099 older40007 older spike8999 on back34260 on top1543 open mouth237805 pony pillow138 prone35240 quill3393 reading8111 sad31374 scales2618 scroll4325 sitting92456 size difference21348 sleeping29394 smiling397821 spikelove1273 spread wings94645 sun9258 teary eyes6893 telekinesis39089 this ended in tears122 this will end in tears4335 tickling5924 underhoof69011 unicorn twilight33248 wall of tags6664 watching1922 wavy mouth5546 wide eyes19881 wing blanket305 winged spike10133 winghug3904 wings223284 writing1532


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