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An even more updated family tree with, some magical lesbian spawning, some time travel & paradoxes that goes with them & with a very heavy does of Royal Habsburg Family Theory in practice, made into an all beautiful cluster mess that is this very family tree i hope you like it.

artist needed28990 source needed23584 safe2155250 edit171347 edited edit2915 edited screencap89393 official comic3331 screencap294043 comet tail961 firelight533 honey lemon76 jack pot368 king sombra17045 moondancer6017 moondancer's sister100 morning roast100 night light2956 prince blueblood4564 princess amore363 princess cadance39548 princess celestia111870 princess flurry heart9452 princess luna116305 radiant hope750 shining armor27700 star swirl the bearded2317 starlight glimmer59373 stellar flare1636 sunburst8740 sunflower spectacle269 sunset shimmer78441 sunspot (g4)77 trixie78979 twilight sparkle354836 twilight velvet5432 alicorn310287 crystal pony5623 pony1583197 serpent114 snake4133 umbrum1600 unicorn529213 a canterlot wedding3648 amending fences1410 bloom and gloom1120 equestria girls253355 equestria girls series40336 forgotten friendship6446 g42008101 games ponies play1234 grannies gone wild920 idw20197 keep calm and flutter on1226 magic duel2465 no second prances2063 princess twilight sparkle (episode)3028 season 15651 season 24809 season 32470 season 44771 season 53583 season 62787 season 72373 season 82736 shadow play1466 siege of the crystal empire273 sounds of silence3507 the best night ever1781 the cutie mark chronicles1203 the cutie re-mark3514 the parent map1167 the times they are a changeling1023 twilight's kingdom3617 uncommon bond890 spoiler:comic13487 spoiler:comic3450 spoiler:comic3753 spoiler:comic40164 spoiler:comicfiendshipismagic1115 spoiler:guardians of harmony76 spoiler:s082031 1000 hours in ms paint7102 absurd resolution67087 alicorn amulet2178 angry36280 armor30818 artifact1684 aura1134 baby16397 baby bottle980 baby pony9264 background pony12226 balloon12936 belly42478 bench3660 blank flank9826 bottle5906 bow43981 bowtie14664 brother812 brother and sister6689 brothers1534 bush4518 bushy brows301 button1098 caduceus50 canterlot7099 canterlot castle2926 canterlot gardens116 canterlot library82 cape14303 castle2929 cave4477 cloak6265 clothes625977 cloud42596 clusterfuck35 collar47288 conspiracy211 conspiracy theory126 counterparts934 cousin incest354 cousins1180 crack shipping4262 cradle54 crib753 cringing414 crown29443 crystal4115 crystal castle321 crystal caverns153 crystal empire2847 crystal heart1187 cup8897 cute263268 dark crystal296 day3089 diaper16749 discovery family logo12090 discussion in the comments815 door5488 dream walker luna845 dreamworld9 equestria is doomed180 equestria is fucked17 family5674 family tree470 father and child2625 father and daughter3946 father and mother60 father and son1395 female1782023 flashback1387 flower38738 foal42933 generational ponidox461 generations26 glare9014 glaring daggers25 glasses87324 glowing18438 gradient mane2511 grand galloping gala668 granddaughter22 grandfather49 grandfather and grandchild142 grandfather and granddaughter63 grandfather and grandson52 grandmother185 grandmother and grandchild356 grandmother and granddaughter159 grandmother and grandson98 grandparents91 grandson22 great granddaughter17 great grandfather13 great grandmother27 happy43913 hat122746 headband5498 headcanon2950 heart74725 hill1314 house3418 i have several questions29 implied incest2066 implied time travel86 inbred96 inbreeding368 inbreeding is magic5 incest17685 incest is wincest17 indoors7739 insane fan theory110 jacket19597 jewelry110818 king287 lesbian116548 levitation16081 logo6142 lying down44785 lying on bed2824 magic95588 magic aura8774 magical artifact65 magical lesbian spawn15448 makes no sense11 male543419 mare728784 moon31058 mother and child5875 mother and daughter8238 mother and father135 mother and son4261 ms paint7105 ms paint adventures29 necklace31823 necktie11041 night37350 night sky2803 offscreen character51321 offspring49856 op is trying too hard104 open mouth233314 outdoors20766 party hat3546 pattern296 pearl803 pearl necklace2655 pillar482 plate2703 ponytail26529 ponyville7749 prince321 princess3363 raised hoof68521 reformed sombra165 regalia35758 rope15734 royal guard10793 royal sisters6579 royalty1848 rug947 scared14137 scarf31870 scroll4133 seat348 shadow6791 ship:jacktacle73 ship:princest2784 ship:shiningcadance3396 ship:starburst1574 ship:sunsetsparkle5146 shipping251372 shipping fuel2179 shirt39557 simple background585953 sire's hollow176 sister720 sister-in-law31 sisters17599 sitting90799 sky22647 smug9003 snow19479 snowfall6115 snowflake1153 spear3191 spread wings92078 stained glass1838 stallion191868 standing24107 stars22945 straight176758 sun9086 sunflower765 sweater19330 symbol540 table12856 telekinesis38599 text87937 theory486 thick eyebrows837 time paradox594 time travel470 top hat5590 train3400 tree48332 trixie's family16 trixie's parents44 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148096 twilight's castle5456 unicorn twilight32441 update141 updated542 updated image83 vest5800 wall of tags6425 weapon40752 well301 white background157740 wingboner9577 wings217297 wizard hat1244 wizard robe131 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2478


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Background Pony #4B12
Moondancer is Trixie’s great granddaughter? And Twilight’s grandmother in law? What in the…
Background Pony #AA1F
many pepole LOVE! death & can you blame them, i mean she is kinda hot.  
Background Pony #AA1F
Well, while we’re at it, might as well post this wonder.
+ this
& + a bit of this
= this