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An even more updated family tree with, some magical lesbian spawning, some time travel & paradoxes that goes with them & with a very heavy does of Royal Habsburg Family Theory in practice, made into an all beautiful cluster mess that is this very family tree i hope you like it.
artist needed26055 source needed15032 safe1725795 edit134096 edited edit2580 edited screencap66145 screencap224325 comet tail890 firelight439 honey lemon88 jack pot300 king sombra14054 moondancer4932 moondancer's sister84 morning roast84 night light2340 prince blueblood4147 princess amore266 princess cadance32762 princess celestia95762 princess flurry heart7366 princess luna99840 radiant hope527 shining armor23367 star swirl the bearded2036 starlight glimmer49175 stellar flare1241 sunburst6882 sunflower spectacle210 sunset shimmer63805 sunspot (character)52 trixie68057 twilight sparkle302965 twilight velvet4371 alicorn228228 crystal pony4576 pony986074 serpent69 snake2787 umbrum1233 unicorn331794 a canterlot wedding2889 amending fences1260 bloom and gloom1027 equestria girls203015 equestria girls series33597 forgotten friendship5507 games ponies play1092 grannies gone wild837 idw15380 keep calm and flutter on1070 magic duel2165 no second prances1876 princess twilight sparkle (episode)2692 season 12300 season 21917 season 31008 season 42757 season 51578 season 6844 season 7756 season 81186 shadow play1313 siege of the crystal empire218 sounds of silence3368 the best night ever1400 the cutie mark chronicles973 the cutie re-mark3216 the parent map1067 the times they are a changeling931 twilight's kingdom3158 uncommon bond821 spoiler:comic10699 spoiler:comic3448 spoiler:comic3750 spoiler:comic40157 spoiler:comicfiendshipismagic1108 spoiler:guardians of harmony65 spoiler:s08980 1000 hours in ms paint5935 absurd resolution66498 alicorn amulet1881 angry27615 armor24048 artifact1094 aura876 baby10576 baby bottle747 baby pony6711 background pony10313 balloon10298 belly28943 bench2563 blank flank7639 bottle4164 bow29251 bowtie10337 brother338 brother and sister4345 brothers858 bush2749 bushy brows143 button901 caduceus44 canterlot5744 canterlot castle2202 canterlot gardens142 canterlot library66 cape10522 castle2053 cave3453 cloak4372 clothes466730 cloud31295 clusterfuck34 collar33793 conspiracy198 conspiracy theory102 counterparts876 cousin incest120 cousins716 crack shipping3698 cradle42 crib534 cringing287 crown17461 crystal2663 crystal castle238 crystal caverns117 crystal empire2333 crystal heart880 cup6390 cute202694 cutie mark48413 dark crystal220 day1376 diaper13619 discovery family logo11701 discussion in the comments729 door4021 dream walker luna755 dreamworld8 equestria is doomed164 equestria is fucked17 family4486 family tree352 father and child962 father and daughter2644 father and mother24 father and son932 female1380226 flashback1050 flower26134 foal15536 generational ponidox239 generations12 glare8268 glaring daggers20 glasses63023 glow4470 gradient mane940 grand galloping gala529 granddaughter10 grandfather27 grandfather and grandchild90 grandfather and granddaughter35 grandfather and grandson29 grandmother110 grandmother and grandchild236 grandmother and granddaughter93 grandmother and grandson55 grandparents72 grandson12 great granddaughter10 great grandfather7 great grandmother14 happy31667 hat88269 headband3497 headcanon2348 heart49125 hill885 house2317 i have several questions25 implied incest1650 implied time travel49 inbred83 inbreeding214 inbreeding is magic6 incest13796 incest is wincest13 indoors3240 insane fan theory103 jacket12765 jacktacle62 jewelry65582 king211 lesbian98029 levitation12295 logo3709 lying down18239 lying on bed1816 magic74224 magic aura4392 magical artifact44 magical lesbian spawn12404 male379661 mare490325 moon23726 mother and child2494 mother and daughter6012 mother and father63 mother and son3044 ms paint6091 ms paint adventures26 necklace19348 necktie7422 night26835 night sky1827 official comic2470 offscreen character34889 offspring39969 op is trying too hard103 open mouth149682 outdoors11121 party hat2415 pattern190 pearl368 pearl necklace1345 pillar349 plate1739 ponytail18256 ponyville5958 prince191 princess2227 princest2137 raised hoof47444 reformed sombra135 regalia20548 rope11608 royal guard7919 royal sisters4526 royalty1234 rug658 scared10578 scarf23542 scroll3433 seat189 shadow4193 shiningcadance2701 shipping202673 shipping fuel1563 shirt25480 simple background400623 sire's hollow157 sister391 sister-in-law27 sisters9088 sitting64326 sky14524 smug6117 snow13899 snowfall4475 snowflake747 spear2468 spread wings55669 stained glass1207 stallion111806 standing12510 starburst1255 stars15906 straight138195 sun6791 sunflower501 sunsetsparkle4398 sweater14694 symbol420 table9354 telekinesis28186 text60420 theory411 thick eyebrows475 time paradox474 time travel387 top hat4258 train2531 tree32821 trixie's family15 trixie's parents41 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124837 twilight's castle3990 unicorn twilight18131 update107 updated444 updated image62 vest3955 wall of tags3403 weapon30889 well241 white background100134 wincest44 wingboner8303 wings111141 wizard hat935 wizard robe88 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2378


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Background Pony #4B12
Moondancer is Trixie's great granddaughter? And Twilight's grandmother in law? What in the…
Background Pony #AA1F
many pepole LOVE! death & can you blame them, i mean she is kinda hot.
Background Pony #AA1F

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Well, while we're at it, might as well post this wonder.

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