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Shiny Bug
And here I am hoping that if there are more main/mane characters, that they're something other than ponies. 'Inclusivity' and what not wouldn't mean much if all the main characters are from the same culture and everything.
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I got seven to one odds that G5 only gets the movie and two seasons. The writing better be amazing because I don't see anything going for it visually at the moment.
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But unicorns, pegasi, and earth ponies never had the same culture in FIM. Just because they are ponies doesn't mean they have the same culture.
Background Pony #783B
What if 'Sunny' is G5's Twilight Sparkle? Like she carries the will of friendship.
Background Pony #783B
Let's not forget about the animatic. That foal is probably Sunny and she is being told of the mane 6.
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The different colored horn on the unicorn was bothering me, but then I just realized, it might not be the norm for all the unicorns. It's possible it's a prosthetic horn or something, so she's one of the only ones with a horn like that.
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That makes sense. Pipp's wings are different and the 4chan leak implies her wings aren't normal, plus the leaked cover appears to say "everyone" or "everypony" for the big word that's partially obscured while the rest says "can make a difference", so inclusivity sounds like the name of the game here. Maybe.
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I know they’re basically worthless now, but those ‘new mane six’ designs, were they part of a leak? Remember them well, but feel so distant i can’t remember if we didn’t just make them up.

I know Mottled Applejack was a leak.
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