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dead source46156 safe2171307 artist:pekou664 apple bloom59922 applejack200144 babs seed6361 berry punch7488 berryshine7488 big macintosh33546 bon bon18788 carrot top6106 cheerilee11234 derpy hooves57458 discord37521 dj pon-333221 doctor whooves11787 fluttershy258211 gilda11333 golden harvest6107 lyra heartstrings34067 maud pie14940 minuette6856 octavia melody27584 pinkie pie255420 princess cadance39990 princess celestia112554 princess luna117042 queen chrysalis42125 rainbow dash279476 rarity217254 scootaloo58698 shining armor28043 spike92310 spitfire15693 sunshower raindrops2696 sweetie belle56667 sweetie drops18788 time turner11787 trixie79476 twilight sparkle357215 vinyl scratch33221 alicorn313457 bat pony74742 changeling65833 changeling queen23840 draconequus20282 dragon85268 earth pony444965 griffon36657 nymph774 pegasus495178 pony1599431 unicorn536579 g42025946 :p14355 ><651 adorababs201 adorabon876 alicorn tetrarchy1232 baby16474 baby dragon4331 berrybetes148 bow44516 cheeribetes498 chubbie1274 cute265363 cutealis2380 cuteamena938 cutedance1602 cutefire318 cuteling967 cutie mark crusaders22348 cutie top217 derpabetes3743 diabetes688 discute1238 doctorbetes162 drunk5984 eyes closed138699 female1799287 filly97179 flutterbat8543 foal43997 food101082 gildadorable448 glasses88490 gradient background24950 hair bow25523 hat123950 lyrabetes1763 macabetes631 male549678 mane seven7861 mane six37538 mare738792 maudabetes563 minubetes341 muffin7511 one eye closed45610 open mouth236848 pinkamena diane pie22403 pony pile964 race swap21589 shining adorable668 shyabates411 shyabetes19199 smiling396350 stallion195166 tavibetes835 tongue out146848 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148940 vinylbetes825 wall of tags6614


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Background Pony #1614
Haha, it looks like Pinkamena is being scrubbed behind the ear by Colgate  
That is too cute <3