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Uploaded by Background Pony #57C5
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safe (1459207)artist:patricksiegler (5)apple bloom (44398)applejack (150501)boulder (pet) (1172)diamond tiara (9201)dj pon-3 (26961)fluttershy (187340)gloriosa daisy (1669)indigo zap (2169)juniper montage (1056)lemon zest (2875)maud pie (11245)pinkie pie (192268)princess cadance (28604)rainbow dash (207152)rarity (160412)sci-twi (19431)scootaloo (47292)sour sweet (2825)starlight glimmer (39276)sugarcoat (2795)sunny flare (2372)sunset shimmer (51910)sweetie belle (44607)trixie (57308)twilight sparkle (265537)vignette valencia (556)vinyl scratch (31061)wallflower blush (1304)alicorn (170225)equestria girls (163826)equestria girls series (25033)forgotten friendship (4190)friendship games (11553)legend of everfree (7110)mirror magic (2215)rainbow rocks (16964)rollercoaster of friendship (2125)spoiler:eqg specials (4667)applejack's hat (4132)arms in the air (283)bag (2591)barrette (316)baubles (45)beanie (2822)belt (3769)blazer (158)boots (16501)bow (20139)bracelet (6865)broach (15)cargo shorts (25)clipboard (942)clothes (366205)compression shorts (1104)converse (4602)cowboy boots (1114)cowboy hat (11051)crossed arms (3578)crystal prep academy uniform (2868)cutie mark crusaders (16617)cutie mark on clothes (659)dean cadance (900)denim (251)denim shorts (136)denim skirt (1240)dress (35907)ear piercing (17489)earring (14799)eqg promo pose set (512)eyes closed (70014)eyeshadow (10920)female (786238)fingerless gloves (3407)flower (18990)freckles (21321)geode of empathy (2150)geode of fauna (1173)geode of shielding (1482)geode of sugar bombs (1314)geode of super speed (1593)geode of super strength (1474)geode of telekinesis (2156)glasses (48274)gloves (14838)goggles (11957)hairband (837)hair bow (10831)hairclip (702)hairpin (1136)hair tie (569)hand on arm (16)hand on chest (234)hand on waist (52)hands on waist (81)hat (67088)headband (2391)headphones (6017)high heel boots (4503)high res (17769)hoodie (10611)humane eight (48)humane five (2237)humane nine (30)humane seven (1748)humane six (2141)jacket (9173)jeans (2601)jewelry (41035)leather jacket (2575)leggings (1403)leg warmers (1914)lipstick (8360)looking at you (124872)looking down (5630)looking up (12265)magical geodes (5756)makeup (14677)messy hair (690)miniskirt (4079)necklace (12744)necktie (5422)nervous (4492)open mouth (107563)pants (10216)pendant (1505)piercing (29281)pigtails (3313)plaid skirt (402)platform shoes (179)ponytail (13638)poofy shoulders (70)pose (4141)ripped pants (340)rolled up sleeves (97)sandals (3423)school uniform (6068)shadow six (205)shirt (17821)shoes (25105)shorts (10540)shoulder bag (51)simple background (299382)skirt (32266)smiling (188589)socks (50482)standing (8501)stetson (4541)studded belt (7)sunglasses (11755)sweatband (422)sweater (11825)tanktop (6003)tights (471)turtleneck (1207)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (105109)twintails (1159)uniform (7919)vest (2932)wall of tags (1883)watch (1013)white background (74681)wristband (2533)wristwatch (312)


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9 comments posted
Twidorable's avatar
Loves Twi and Sunset
We need more Gloriosa art. She’s super cute.

@Background Human
I notice three veryglaringomissions.

I’m talking, of course, about Lyra, Bon-Bon, and Derpy.

They should’ve put one of them in that glaring open space between Juniper and Vignette.

I like Wallflower, it’s just the jokes are much too easy to make.
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