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safe1617361 artist:patricksiegler6 apple bloom47536 applejack162756 boulder (pet)1245 diamond tiara9862 dj pon-328441 fluttershy203185 gloriosa daisy1771 indigo zap2352 juniper montage1236 lemon zest3070 maud pie12010 pinkie pie207663 princess cadance31105 rainbow dash224225 rarity173917 sci-twi22518 scootaloo49669 sour sweet3163 starlight glimmer45686 sugarcoat3154 sunny flare2627 sunset shimmer58975 sweetie belle47324 trixie64080 twilight sparkle288525 vignette valencia664 vinyl scratch28442 wallflower blush1855 alicorn206442 equestria girls187859 equestria girls series30305 forgotten friendship4972 friendship games12282 legend of everfree7713 mirror magic2426 rainbow rocks17746 rollercoaster of friendship2279 spoiler:eqg specials5098 applejack's hat6062 arms in the air420 bag3929 barrette386 baubles50 beanie3350 belt4945 blazer192 boots19833 bow25889 bracelet8408 broach21 cargo shorts47 clipboard1127 clothes426737 compression shorts1252 converse5282 cowboy boots1327 cowboy hat14093 crossed arms4546 crystal prep academy uniform3273 cutie mark crusaders18361 cutie mark on clothes1170 dean cadance1051 denim270 denim shorts557 denim skirt1400 dress41198 ear piercing23210 earring18991 eqg promo pose set537 eyes closed84238 eyeshadow14079 female1287493 fingerless gloves4184 flower23481 freckles26263 geode of empathy2707 geode of fauna1544 geode of shielding1893 geode of sugar bombs1709 geode of super speed1971 geode of super strength1812 geode of telekinesis2580 glasses56916 gloves18265 goggles13377 hair bow14185 hair tie726 hairband1133 hairclip984 hairpin1458 hand on arm43 hand on chest333 hand on waist69 hands on waist99 hat79673 headband3212 headphones7136 high heel boots5000 high res23402 hoodie12815 humane eight56 humane five2988 humane nine35 humane seven2232 humane six2851 jacket11389 jeans3673 jewelry55417 leather jacket3036 leg warmers2269 leggings1852 lipstick10135 looking at you152900 looking down7598 looking up14869 magical geodes7799 makeup19187 messy hair850 miniskirt4837 multicolored hair4803 necklace16458 necktie6592 nervous5297 open mouth130132 pants13005 pencil skirt216 pendant1694 piercing37049 pigtails4430 plaid skirt620 platform shoes204 ponytail16486 poofy shoulders76 pose5206 ripped pants425 rolled up sleeves117 sandals3981 school uniform6863 shadow six212 shirt22461 shoes32326 shorts12872 shoulder bag77 simple background361931 skirt37093 smiling224894 socks59796 standing10961 stetson4886 studded belt9 sunglasses13457 sweatband511 sweater13510 tanktop7154 tights587 turtleneck1364 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118473 twintails1569 uniform9751 vest3648 wall of tags2659 watch1242 white background90484 wristband3303 wristwatch447


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9 comments posted

Loves Twi and Sunset
We need more Gloriosa art. She's super cute.

@Background Human
I notice three veryglaringomissions.

I'm talking, of course, about Lyra, Bon-Bon, and Derpy.

They should've put one of them in that glaring open space between Juniper and Vignette.

I like Wallflower, it's just the jokes are much too easy to make.