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Uploaded by Background Pony #CCB2
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safe1945396 artist:patricksiegler6 apple bloom55830 applejack186324 boulder (pet)1400 dean cadance1383 diamond tiara11120 dj pon-331344 fluttershy235737 gloriosa daisy1925 indigo zap2715 juniper montage1549 lemon zest3414 maud pie13803 pinkie pie236631 princess cadance36369 rainbow dash257135 rarity201170 sci-twi28484 scootaloo55121 sour sweet3678 starlight glimmer54696 sugarcoat3626 sunny flare2961 sunset shimmer71539 sweetie belle53007 trixie73954 twilight sparkle330008 vignette valencia938 vinyl scratch31344 wallflower blush2586 human197984 equestria girls230722 equestria girls series38305 forgotten friendship6164 friendship games13784 legend of everfree8513 mirror magic2750 rainbow rocks19158 rollercoaster of friendship3299 spoiler:eqg specials5831 applejack's hat11561 arms in the air656 bag7210 barrette426 baubles60 beanie4293 belt7520 blazer244 boots27727 bow36734 bracelet12468 broach25 cargo shorts53 clipboard1509 clothes549378 compression shorts1436 converse6526 cowboy boots2080 cowboy hat21413 crossed arms6697 crystal prep academy uniform3729 cutie mark crusaders20719 cutie mark on clothes4842 denim789 denim shorts887 denim skirt2017 dress52839 ear piercing34746 earring26666 eqg promo pose set622 eyes closed117993 eyeshadow21881 female1578758 fingerless gloves5708 flower32014 freckles35690 geode of empathy3610 geode of fauna2322 geode of shielding2727 geode of sugar bombs2499 geode of super speed2995 geode of super strength2741 geode of telekinesis3455 glasses75913 gloves24712 goggles16248 hair bow20736 hair tie1208 hairband1560 hairclip1330 hairpin2969 hand on arm91 hand on chest532 hand on waist120 hands on waist125 hat106273 headband4510 headphones9252 high heel boots7095 high res83889 hoodie17456 humane five4795 humane six4539 jacket15840 jeans5259 jewelry88485 leather jacket4495 leg warmers3038 leggings2611 lipstick13799 looking at you212208 looking down11595 looking up20230 magical geodes11054 makeup30006 messy hair1175 miniskirt5330 multicolored hair8637 necklace25239 necktie8910 nervous7064 open mouth193016 pants18377 pencil skirt309 pendant2055 piercing52285 pigtails5541 plaid skirt712 platform shoes251 ponytail22193 poofy shoulders99 pose7447 ripped pants700 rolled up sleeves157 sandals5098 school uniform8296 shadow six223 shirt31677 shoes48223 shorts16859 shoulder bag132 simple background490194 skirt47207 smiling323360 socks80131 standing17507 stetson5428 studded belt15 sunglasses18137 sweatband655 sweater16945 tanktop9405 tights800 turtleneck1720 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137279 twintails1972 uniform13223 vest4650 wall of tags5249 watch1635 white background126600 wristband4429 wristwatch601


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Loves Twi and Sunset
We need more Gloriosa art. She’s super cute.
@Background Human  
I notice three veryglaringomissions.
I’m talking, of course, about Lyra, Bon-Bon, and Derpy.
They should’ve put one of them in that glaring open space between Juniper and Vignette.
I like Wallflower, it’s just the jokes are much too easy to make.