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source needed14808 safe1707145 artist:chigusa133 daybreaker2812 princess celestia95050 oc685072 oc:anon11705 human154731 pony968259 blushing197771 boop7403 canon x oc25014 cellphone3579 collage1395 crying43587 cute199896 cutelestia3590 dialogue65557 eyes closed93616 feather5907 female1363744 floppy ears52350 grayscale38101 hair over one eye9027 heart48398 human male6681 jewelry63737 lidded eyes30724 looking up16487 magic73296 male372931 mare480957 marriage proposal533 monochrome149702 noseboop2828 open mouth145966 phone6246 regalia19946 sad24537 selfie3147 sharp teeth3751 sitting63284 smiling248669 sweat26369 sweatdrop3196 talking5677 tears of pain1101 teeth9791 telekinesis27741 traditional royal canterlot voice328 yandelestia25 yandere908 yelling3108 you're going to love me219


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