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source needed14775 safe1705133 artist:chigusa133 daybreaker2809 princess celestia94964 oc683822 oc:anon11702 human154568 pony966377 blushing197392 boop7396 canon x oc24974 cellphone3571 collage1393 crying43540 cute199580 cutelestia3581 dialogue65479 eyes closed93382 feather5891 female1361866 floppy ears52258 grayscale38067 hair over one eye9007 heart48331 human male6674 jewelry63503 lidded eyes30665 looking up16452 magic73212 male372235 mare479924 marriage proposal532 monochrome149600 noseboop2829 open mouth145560 phone6235 regalia19887 sad24501 selfie3140 sharp teeth3737 sitting63148 smiling248034 sweat26302 sweatdrop3190 talking5653 tears of pain1101 teeth9737 telekinesis27700 traditional royal canterlot voice328 yandelestia25 yandere908 yelling3103 you're going to love me218


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