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I can only speculate the ex-tyrant's future seiyuu

Keiji Fujiwara || 藤原 啓治
He has about 100+ voice acts throughout his career so far, and I am NOT exaggerating upon research.
Background Pony #452E
@Background Pony #8940
He was the only one who was never given the chance to even operate within a tenth of his power, let alone full power. So, we don't what kind of threat is a Sombra operating at maximum capacity.
Background Pony #46F8
Celestia: Against the power of Sombra, there can be no vic-

Said villain is beaten in 2 episodes

Celestia: Guess I was wrong…

Boopity Schmooples
Style-wise, it looks like one of those 18th century portraits, the ones that depict famous monarchs, politicians, and military officers. Very fitting.
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I got one question for all of you people.

Have any of you guys heard or watched a so called you-tuber named "Spamming Monkey"?
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@Beau Skunky
Thanks! But I wouldn't really count mass pictures because they don't focus on the characters and because there are so many in the picture, they to be a bit of a clusterfuck.

Sunset Shimmer Fan
Dang, how did I manage to miss this before it got featured?

This is an excellent piece of traditional art. The detail is outstanding.