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safe1658827 artist:underpable850 allie way561 aloe2562 apple bloom48396 applejack165930 babs seed5693 berry punch6442 berryshine6443 big macintosh27651 blossomforth1412 bon bon16059 braeburn6180 bulk biceps3380 carrot cake2056 carrot top5375 cheerilee9761 cherry jubilee1089 cloudchaser3787 cup cake4037 daring do6305 derpy hooves49397 diamond tiara10059 dinky hooves4327 discord30048 dj pon-328842 doctor whooves10609 fancypants1897 featherweight1246 filthy rich1126 flam2103 fleetfoot2115 fleur-de-lis3520 flim2203 flitter2942 fluttershy207545 gilda9408 golden harvest5375 granny smith5232 hoity toity969 hugh jelly236 jesús pezuña41 king sombra13418 lightning dust4423 lily1929 lily valley1927 limestone pie4845 lotus blossom2711 lyra heartstrings28969 marble pie6340 mare do well965 mayor mare3211 minuette5706 ms. harshwhinny2309 night light2201 nightmare moon16581 nightmare rarity2925 nightshade433 nurse redheart3478 octavia melody23382 photo finish2569 pinkie pie211500 pipsqueak2817 pokey pierce1343 powder rouge123 princess cadance31980 princess celestia93107 princess luna97314 queen chrysalis34002 rainbow dash228456 rarity177551 roseluck4969 sapphire shores987 scootaloo50448 screw loose549 screwball1438 shining armor22630 silver spoon6425 snails5231 snips4149 soarin'13711 spike77256 spitfire13146 surprise2936 sweetie belle48133 sweetie drops16059 thunderlane3978 time turner10605 trixie65768 twilight sparkle294184 twilight velvet4127 twist2837 vidala swoon95 vinyl scratch28845 wild fire890 zecora9149 oc655269 oc:fausticorn1523 alicorn215243 bat pony47302 changeling45126 changeling queen15112 draconequus10569 earth pony231532 griffon26069 headless horse274 pegasus273378 pony922948 unicorn304042 zebra16962 alicorn oc25316 banner1945 blushing189751 bon bon is not amused1038 canterlot5538 city4057 clothes442384 cloud29427 colt14337 costume26652 cutie mark crusaders18698 detailed752 doctor who3509 duality4142 ethereal mane7420 everypony373 featured image846 female1321739 filly63982 flim flam brothers1222 flutterbat6742 flying36782 foal15194 future twilight1038 glasses59294 hairspray37 headless720 ice cream4880 knife5136 lauren faust1728 magic70893 male357292 mane seven6327 mane six31137 mare458391 night guard1786 octavia is not amused353 pie3201 pie sisters1199 pinkamena diane pie18793 ponified39919 race swap13818 riding5228 scooter1214 self ponidox7772 shadowbolts1578 shadowbolts (nightmare moon's minions)68 shadowbolts costume1117 shipping194045 soarinfire589 sonic screwdriver601 spa twins1316 stallion102752 starry mane3819 straight131871 tardis1443 telekinesis26678 that pony sure does love pies369 tower403 trash can816 twilight scepter2020 twilight sparkle (alicorn)121082 unamused15435 unicorn twilight16035 uniform10158 wagon882 wall of tags2849 weeping angel131 wonderbolts uniform5682


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Background Pony #6CAF
Welp, it's only taken three years, nine months, and ~19 days, but I think all the characters are finally, conclusively tagged.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Downvote Addict
I named them all, but one… Who the hell is that one that Berry is fishing for?

Tagged with Mandopony, nice job whoever failed there.
Master Fox

What I like is how Fleetfoot is face hoofing only moments before noticing the the red stallion of her dreams just below her.

… With the hoof bump between Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, I get the feeling they told the CMC they could get their cutie mark by jumping buildings.
Background Pony #890E
Sombra: Yes, I'll just plot back here in the background where nopony can see me!


OOh, Hey! Is that Sapphire Shores!
Background Pony #DE1A
-Sombra in background, near building on left. Look above Diamond Tiara.
-Twilight's parents(Just below Fausticorn) look fairly miffed at her not at least sending mail.
-Fluttershy got into the mirror pool, so she could vampony at the Apples' harvest. Pinkie joined her; I think one of her is unhappy about having to cook, for some reason.
-The Doctor REALLY needs to check six.
-Future Twilight does NOT like being ambushed.
-I hope Luna isn't jealous of Pipsqueak. For Zecora's sake.