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dead source33355 safe1949028 artist:ankou23 applejack186525 fluttershy236077 pinkie pie236907 rainbow dash257410 rarity201461 twilight sparkle330340 earth pony352073 pegasus396436 pony1299098 unicorn435479 animated111908 azumanga daioh96 cute232497 daaaaaaaaaaaw5694 dashabetes10822 diapinkes11446 female1582203 flying46580 frame by frame4465 glasses76179 happy37748 jackabetes7090 kagura13 kasuga ayumu17 mane six35058 mare605727 mihama chiyo15 mizuhara koyomi10 parody16549 pixiv14432 raribetes6276 sakaki11 shyabetes16715 spread wings73406 sweet dreams fuel1862 takino tomo16 twiabetes13681 unicorn twilight25292 wings169741 yay867


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Background Pony #E046
@Background Pony #6BA5  
Wait, we need Gakkou Gurashi (School Live!) MLP Crossover….so far…I think  
Pinkie Pie - Yuki  
Rainbow Dash - Kurumi  
Applejack - Miki
I don’t know about the rest though….
Background Pony #F9F6
Then we can do with
Rainbow Dash: Konata Izumi  
Derpy: Tsukasa Hiragii  
Twilight Sparkle: Kagami Hirgaii  
Fluttershy: Miyuki Takara  
Applejack: Patricia Martin  
Pinkie Pie: Misao Kusakabe  
Rarity: Minami Iwasaki
In Lucky Star! Any more Animes we can do

All it needs next is:
Derpy: Yui (Gibson Les Paul; ‘GITAH!’)  
Fluttershy: Mugi-chan (KORG Triton Extreme keyboard)  
Rarity: Mio (Fender Jazz Bass; ‘Elizabeth’)  
Rainbow Dash: Ritsu (Yamaha drums, Zildjian cymbals)  
Twilight Sparkle: Azu-nyan (Fender Mustang guitar; ‘Muttan’)
Sawako-sensei: (Princess Molestia; Gibson Flying V)
…in “K-PON!”
‘Please don’t say you are Hayzy…!’
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Huh. Well, I just linked it because AzuDai OP. There are other vids of it out there as well. If they actually believe that anti-vaccine bullshit, I feel sorry for them. /shrug
Background Pony #CC05
The last ten seconds of the video are just a message saying saying the flu vaccine contains poisons. Their other videos are also Azumanga with random bits of anti-vaccine propaganda inserted for no reason, and references to an old blog (theflucase) that was apparently run by a conspiracy theorist and shut down for inciting violent anti-vaccine action.
It is completely inexplicable, but I think they’re serious.

Pinkie - Chiyo, should be Twilight.  
Rarity - Yomi, I can see this.  
Applejack - Kagura, Rainbow Dash fits this role.  
Fluttershy - Osaka, I can see this.  
Twilight - Sakaki, Applejack would be perfect as Sakaki.  
Rainbow Dash - Tomo, hard choice but I think she should be Pinkie.

When Chiyo-chichi is voiced by Norio Wakamoto - as is the Genetic Beast ‘TAMA’ in “Kiddy Girl-and”, a Dyson vacuum cleaner in “Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W”, and a yellow ball-thing in “Nin-Nin-Ga Shinobuden” also by him - then anything makes sense. X3
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

The uploader for that copy of the OP put up a “Don’t take the swine flu vaccine!” message on Yukari’s chalkboard at one point. Honestly I’ve never thought it was something to take seriously since, y’know, AzuDai. It’s the sort of dumb shit Yukari would tell her students that we’re meant to laugh at. That’s how I took it. Of course if it’s the uploader being serious then yes it’s dumb and wrong, but again I posit that the OP sequence of an incredibly silly and adorable slice-of-life anime is not where one tries to make such a point.
tl;dr - pretty sure it was meant as a joke, why so serious anon?
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Chaotic Neutral
I loved how insane this show was…brings back good memories of the show…sad it had to end, but all good things must end at some point…might as well end when it’s good then when it’s stagnant and boring and lost all it’s charm (no this is not a jab at MLP).