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Official limited edition print by Amy Mebberson. From top top bottom, the ponies are arranged by coat color: White and green, black and gray, yellow, orange, brown/tan, pink and red (and one green), blue, and purple.
Updated version here if anyone wants to upload it to Derpibooru and tag it. Slight differences.
safe1902284 artist:amymebberson405 aloe2862 amber waves157 amethyst star2770 apple bloom54930 applejack183777 babs seed6055 big macintosh30591 bon bon17536 braeburn6633 carrot cake2290 cheerilee10549 cheese sandwich4354 cloudchaser4050 coco pommel6507 cup cake4521 daring do6749 derpy hooves53027 diamond tiara10945 discord33936 doctor whooves11338 flam2299 flash sentry14008 flim2397 flitter3192 fluttershy231764 granny smith5681 hayseed turnip truck278 hoity toity1050 holly dash124 jeff letrotski214 jesús pezuña46 king sombra15300 lightning dust4896 lotus blossom3004 lyra heartstrings31544 mane-iac1703 mare do well1016 mayor mare3537 minuette6313 ms. harshwhinny2553 night light2658 nurse sweetheart269 octavia melody25500 photo finish2807 pinkie pie233241 pound cake2757 prim hemline179 princess cadance35777 princess celestia102444 princess luna106613 pumpkin cake2507 queen chrysalis38064 rainbow dash253512 rarity198102 raven855 scootaloo54338 shining armor25251 silver spoon6957 snails5572 snips4419 sparkler2668 spike85287 spitfire14363 star swirl the bearded2169 sunset shimmer70227 sweetie belle52159 sweetie drops17536 time turner11332 trixie72959 twilight sparkle324914 twilight velvet4898 twist2996 wild fire918 zecora10171 alicorn261223 changeling55633 changeling queen20193 crystal pony4935 draconequus15794 earth pony331500 pegasus375201 pony1249680 unicorn412436 zebra20089 bust63118 everypony393 female1539185 my little pony logo5010 portrait35538 so much pony153


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Arrived today, and it looks great! I got the metallic print version, and as WeskerWolf described, now contains Maud and our DJ pony. I was kinda sad to see Raven go, I quite like her look.  
I understand the prints were being produced after the order date, so the different batches may come in at different times. I got a shipping notice about four days ago, and a tracking number.

My Favorite Ponies:  
Mane 6  
Bon Bon  
Silver Spoon  
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Nurse Sweetheart  
Queen Chrysalis  
Coco Pommel  
Mayor Mare  
Wild Fire  
Photo Finish  
Lightning Dust  
Holly Dash  
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I'm not famous.
I found the name of the other bowling pony, now we’re just missing that mare in the bottom row, so off to the wiki I go.
Who’s “they”? You mean Amy Mebberson. And yes, her fur is yellow, but Amy used the blue Wonderbolts suit for some reason.