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Oh Rarike! My favorite Rarity ship, and the one I will always eventually choose!
Rarity was always oblivious to Spike’s feelings, or so she seemed, she actually knew very well that he had a crush on her, but that was it, she didn’t know just how much his feelings stretched, Spike had always stuck to her like glue, but soon realized that wasn’t getting him anywhere, so he backed off, but his love for his beautiful unicorn still burned in his heart.
But after awhile of seeing Rarity going on casual dates with stallion’s and even gaining a boyfriend, a young stallion named Thunderlane, Spike couldn’t take it, he was extremely hurt and Rarity noticed it immediately.
She loved Thunderlane, but now she was realizing the full weight of the situation. She started spending time with Spike to cheer him up, all well maintaining her relationship with Thunderlane. Spike appreciated her efforts, but he knew it was a lost cause of him ever being with her.
Of course, after a few months of being with Thunderlane, they realized they both wanted different things, Thunderlane wanted to get married and start a family, while Rarity wanted to take their relationship slow while she worked on her fashion career.
Thunderlane couldn’t understand so Rarity broke up with him, but first directed him over to his best friend Cloudchaser who she had noticed was always looking after Thunderlane longingly. So Rarity and Thunderlane parted ways on good terms.
Spike was sorry for Rarity but also relieved, there might still be a chance. So, on the day of the Ponyville Carnival, he asked her out, to which Rarity was conflicted, she knew he liked her, but she had no idea if she liked him back, and he was way too young for her, so she carefully told him that it wasn’t possible.
Spike was heartbroken, and went home, Twilight comforted him as best she could but Spike eventually retreated to his room in defeat. Of course, Spike is smart, and as he was moping, an idea struck him. He came out and asked Twilight if she could turn him into a pony temporarily. It took some convincing, but Twilight eventually sighed in defeat and agreed.
Spike had until midnight, and went again to ask Rarity again, Rarity was confused at first, but then after a few moments, realized what was going on, she agreed, deciding it wouldn’t hurt one bit.
They had fun until midnight, when Rarity kissed him, right as the clock struck twelve. Spike was surprised when she announced she had known all along, but was happy she had a fun time. They headed home, and that’s when Rarity felt the fluttering in her chest, the feelings for Spike that had been buried deep for so long.
After that the two went on as normal, and the few times they got to see eachother, living in different towns, they were reminded of that date and gave eachother knowing looks.
It was a little while of this, until Spike came up with the idea of an age spell, he didn’t need to wait to be with Rarity, they could be together now. Twilight realized this too, but knew that if he went through with it, he would miss many of his young, carefree years, but Spike didn’t care, his love for Rarity was pure and true.
Twilight still didn’t agree, but went through with the spell anyways.
It was weird at first, suddenly being an adult, but it was worth it. Rarity was overjoyed, and seeing him as a adult dragon made her realize how much she really did love him, and how handsome he was now, but he still had that typical Spike look.
It was a few years of dating, but they soon finally got married and are now living together at Carasal Boutique, Spike is away in Canterlot a lot, but then again, Rarity was usually away checking in on her other Boutiques anyway, but they were usually back in Ponyville at the same time and they are content.

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