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Cold Storm page 131

safe2154425 artist:cold-blooded-twilight3391 fluttershy256086 pinkie pie253622 twilight sparkle354693 pegasus487972 pony1582393 unicorn528768 cold blooded twilight741 comic:cold storm158 g42007184 alternate design5627 comic134137 dialogue91063 exclamation point5574 eyes closed137054 female1781154 flower38694 flower in hair12304 gradient background23856 interrobang1266 mare728259 open mouth233075 open smile29411 question mark6598 smiling389905 speech bubble38140 thought bubble5151 unicorn twilight32405


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This is great. One scene I am dying to see that I hope happens is Spike talking and flirting with Rarity. Their interaction before was amazing and I think seeing them at a party together would be great.