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Images tagged thought bubble

Size: 2320x13369 | Tagged: absurd res, alicorn, armor, armorarity, artist:almostfictional, artist:artpwny, artist:bbbhuey, artist:estories, artist:favoriteartman, artist:iamthegreatlyra, artist:junkiesnewb, artist:kired25, artist:kooner-cz, artist:kopachris, artist:kysss90, artist:mixiepie, artist:moongazeponies, artist:paulysentry, artist:phucknuckl, artist:uxyd, artist:vaderpl, artist:velveagicsentryyt, artist:yanoda, artist:zomgmad, bipedal, canterlot high, censored vulgarity, comic, comic:the big whoopsie, dialogue, disappointed, equestria girls, equestria girls-ified, equestria girls ponified, eyes closed, female, flash sentry, gasp, grawlixes, grin, halo, hooves in air, human to pony, humie, imagining, irrational exuberance, library, lyra heartstrings, lyra is not amused, magic mirror, male, mare, open mouth, pegasus, ponified, pony, raised hoof, rarity, royal guard armor, royal guard rarity, running, safe, show accurate, smiling, speech bubble, spread wings, stallion, story included, surprised, thought bubble, transformed, twilight's castle, twilight's castle library, twilight sparkle, twilight sparkle (alicorn), unamused, unicorn, vector, wide eyes, wings
Size: 1197x651 | Tagged: apple bloom, apple bloom's bow, bow, clothes, edit, edited screencap, equestria girls, equestria girls series, food, hair bow, headband, hypno eyes, implied sunset shimmer, mind control, offscreen character, open mouth, popcorn, safe, scootaloo, screencap, skirt, story included, sweetie belle, thought bubble
Size: 2480x3508 | Tagged: artist:underpable, atg 2019, confetti, cupcake, dark background, drinking straw, earth pony, food, hat, newbie artist training grounds, party hat, pinkamena diane pie, pinkie pie, pony, rainbow, rainbow cupcake, safe, skull and crossbones, streamers, thought bubble
Size: 955x1350 | Tagged: apple, applebucking, applejack, appleshy, apple tree, artist:teabucket, basket, blushing, comic, comic:poison apple, earth pony, female, fluttershy, food, lesbian, mare, mouth hold, nervous, pegasus, picnic basket, pony, safe, shipping, shrunken pupils, smiling, sweat, sweet apple acres, thought bubble, tree
Size: 4356x3800 | Tagged: absurd res, applejack, artist:mirrorcrescent, atg 2019, bust, crossed out, earth pony, food, hoof on cheek, newbie artist training grounds, pictogram, pony, portrait, safe, scroll, simple background, solo, strawberry, thought bubble, transparent background
Size: 1225x1239 | Tagged: artist:sourspot, blushing, dragon, dragon egg, egg, female, implied cannibalism, safe, smolder, solo, this will end in tears, thought bubble
Size: 454x660 | Tagged: barefoot, candle, crossed legs, cute, equestria girls, equestria girls series, eyes closed, feet, geode of super speed, magical geodes, mind control, offscreen character, rainbow dash, safe, solo, speech bubble, spoiler:choose your own ending (season 2), spoiler:eqg series (season 2), story included, thought bubble, wake up!, wake up!: rainbow dash, yoga, yoga mat
Size: 1280x1339 | Tagged: alicorn, artist:dstears, atg 2019, clothes, curved horn, daydream, female, floating heart, heart, horn, lesbian, mare, monochrome, newbie artist training grounds, one eye closed, pony, princess luna, safe, shipping, simple background, socks, striped socks, thigh highs, thought bubble, twilight sparkle, twilight sparkle (alicorn), twiluna, white background, wink
Size: 1174x624 | Tagged: belt, blank expression, bracelet, clothes, cute, edit, edited screencap, eqg summertime shorts, equestria girls, glasses, hypno eyes, hypnosis, hypnotized, implied rainbow dash, jewelry, leaping off the page, mind-control bracelet, offscreen character, ponytail, rarity, safe, sci-twi, screencap, skirt, speech bubble, story included, thought bubble, twilight sparkle
Size: 1200x1500 | Tagged: artist:heir-of-rick, atg 2019, broken horn, daydream, female, floppy ears, frown, horn, magic, mare, newbie artist training grounds, pony, sad, safe, solo, tempest gets her horn back, tempest shadow, thought bubble, unicorn
Size: 842x595 | Tagged: alicorn, artist:shelltoon, atg 2019, beanbag chair, chibi, cute, dream, female, lesbian, newbie artist training grounds, princess celestia, safe, shipping, sleeping, thought bubble, twilestia, twilight sparkle, twilight sparkle (alicorn)
Size: 900x800 | Tagged: animated, artist:threetwotwo32232, atg 2019, canon x oc, daydream, female, gif, kissing, mare, newbie artist training grounds, oc, oc:twilight aurora, pony, safe, shipper on deck, shipping, thought bubble, twilight sparkle, unicorn
Size: 3500x4900 | Tagged: alicorn, alicorn oc, artist:iheyyasyfox, colored hooves, comic:first day of school, female, mare, oc, oc:stella alba nyx, offspring, parent:flash sentry, parents:flashlight, parent:twilight sparkle, pony, raised hoof, safe, solo, thought bubble
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