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Uploaded on Tuesday, March 7, 2023
Here is the collage of all my found 25 submissions for the 2023 Community Collaboration! πŸ₯³πŸ˜‡
Big thanks to Jb33124 and Mellow Rhythm for helping with some of those finds - I couldn’t spot about six or so until today! Feels great having accomplished that find to its end πŸ˜ŒπŸ…
’Til the Fall 2023 return for round eight (my fourth collab overall). πŸ˜ŒπŸ‘‹πŸŒΏ
Could not tag everyone else’s OCs as there are way too many overlapping, but I did copy over tags for those I recognized in addition to all mine. πŸ™‚

safe2208537 artist:kendell234 artist:lightningbolt1272 artist:luckreza8984 artist:melisareb628 artist:php178692 artist:rainbow eevee edits257 artist:superdude20753 artist:switchyswap8 artist:the smiling pony833 derpibooru exclusive41326 editor:php17857 derpy hooves58174 pipp petals21969 rainbow dash284047 oc965759 oc only703444 oc:14fan12 oc:astral shine23 oc:bay mac26 oc:blu deucee4 oc:bottlegriff17 oc:calm gale6 oc:ciaran32 oc:clever clovers14 oc:clovette12 oc:dark driveology8 oc:dreamy orange15 oc:enmity11 oc:fireblaze sunset7 oc:firebrand217 oc:firey ratchet209 oc:galestorm12 oc:game point66 oc:glass sight184 oc:grapefruit face331 oc:hsu amity346 oc:killer epic35 oc:lucy fair15 oc:mellow rhythm104 oc:myoozik the dragon187 oc:nocturnal vision71 oc:oscar osmium6 oc:parcly taxel502 oc:peri18 oc:puppy love34 oc:putriana hoofmanda6 oc:rose love28 oc:sassy lost23 oc:spindle108 oc:spinx3 oc:starcollider12 oc:sunny harmony9 oc:sunray shadow30 oc:tarkan809 the dragon25 oc:wishgriff23 oc:Γ©ling chang28 unnamed oc3729 alicorn322124 bat pony76765 changeling67595 classical hippogriff7072 demon5576 demon pony2463 devil665 dracony9177 dragon87706 earth pony519779 fox2862 fox pony788 genie1839 genie pony500 hippogriff14382 horse4658 hybrid32082 original species37184 pegasus512231 pony1638940 sheep2613 skunk929 skunk hippogriff2 undead6507 unicorn555013 windigo773 zombie3201 zombie pony1269 2023 community collab773 ain't never had friends like us356 albumin flask316 derpibooru8095 derpibooru community collaboration6179 fallout equestria23521 bats!1917 g42063543 g579404 my little pony: rainbow roadtrip1850 my little pony: the movie21535 school daze3178 student counsel1396 the parent map1177 uncommon bond897 uprooted1320 .svg available10793 20151267 20221096 :d1891 :p14712 ^^3484 absurd file size3525 absurd resolution68136 administrator15 adorable face1990 alicorn oc37051 anklet1586 aura1167 bag10037 bags under eyes3387 base used34243 bass guitar776 bat pony oc30358 bat wings16967 beanie5001 beautiful8902 bedroom eyes84178 behaving like a cat3159 belt9791 belt buckle622 best friends958 bipedal50766 bipedal leaning2856 black mane1277 black shirt141 black tail438 blank flank10161 blaze (coat marking)4169 blood32062 blood stains394 bloodshot eyes4200 blue1582 blue eye58 blue eyes13648 blue mane4143 blue tail1400 blushing281582 bomber jacket811 bone4525 bonus14 book44519 bow46238 bracelet16296 brand128 branding390 bring me the horizon584 brooch775 brother and sister7159 brown168 brown eyes1434 brown mane2243 brown tail750 butt fluff1059 button-up shirt573 buttons407 cape14821 cat noir8 cat tail727 changeling loves watermelon54 chat noir104 chest853 chest fluff68049 chin fluff567 chipped tooth116 choker22188 closed mouth1492 clothes649637 cloud44538 clover674 coat markings14760 collaboration7077 collage2151 collar49228 colored eyebrows1876 colored pupils13493 colored wings15570 colored wingtips3167 computer8368 confident1236 copycat23 cosplay33540 costume39870 couple8051 cowboy hat26748 cross1193 cross necklace193 crossed legs4999 crown31001 crying56513 cuddle puddle375 cuddling10957 curled up440 cute270881 cute face318 cute little fangs3474 cute smile193 cuteness overload338 cuternal vision17 cyan eyes519 daaaaaaaaaaaw7206 dark blue16 denim3018 design1014 determination181 determined1073 determined face69 determined look234 determined smile104 devil horns736 disclaimer8 dracony oc211 dragon oc1928 drawstrings51 drop dead clothing245 duality5540 duo female35372 e62132 ear fins120 ear fluff53044 ear piercing45708 earring33992 earth pony oc26935 eclipse776 elastic151 electric guitar1802 element of derpibooru3 embrace837 equestria font38 eyebrows26479 eyes closed142377 facial markings6876 fallout4835 fallout equestria oc268 fangs41401 feathered fetlocks1083 female1842116 fender stratocaster32 fire16174 flask525 floating5944 flower40798 fluffy mane691 fluffy tail610 flying56487 folded wings21610 food103798 foreword3 forked tongue2127 four leaf clover505 freckles45702 fretboard3 friendcest16 frown37017 gem10796 gemstones433 geniefied285 gift art4073 glasses91007 glowing20339 glowing eyes15658 glowing horn29813 glowing mane842 gradient hooves1324 gradient mane2908 gradient tail1271 gradient wings1939 gray487 great wall of tags20 green888 green eyes10485 green mane1094 green shirt68 green tail315 grey skin84 grin64546 grooming959 grumpy3298 guardian182 guidebook63 guitar6720 gun21118 hair3451 hair bow26569 hair over eyes1887 hair over one eye13257 hair tie1777 hairband2207 hand on shoulder709 handgun4232 happy45617 happy thanksgiving day3 happy thanksgiving day 20223 hat127607 hazel eyes66 headband5765 heart79284 height difference2895 heterochromia8912 highlights1173 hippogriff oc1262 holding5695 holding on110 holiday35553 holly2286 hood2132 hoodie21157 hoof around neck451 hoof heart2274 hoof on chin1045 hoof on shoulder255 hooves up743 horn210080 horn ring7885 horns11339 hug38447 hybrid oc1105 imageboard108 inkscape2517 inspired by another artist83 jacket20646 jeans6871 jewelry117632 jumpsuit5753 kigurumi984 killer epicute5 killervision16 kneeling13693 ladybug (miraculous ladybug)108 large41 lead guitar4 leaning5539 leaning forward872 leather3422 leather jacket5424 leg guards22 lidded eyes50119 lifting849 limited palette2700 lincoln brewster35 lip piercing1942 long sleeves1148 looking at you267647 looking up24771 loose hair2501 lying down49991 mage539 magenta eyes594 magic98559 magic aura9443 male564202 male alicorn420 male alicorn oc215 male and female365 male symbol115 mare765933 mask10407 meta18712 miraculous ladybug498 moderator29 mohawk1324 moon32036 motivation72 motivational description9 mouth hold24169 movie accurate1924 multicolored hair12733 multicolored mane5468 multicolored tail3860 musical instrument15532 musician336 neck fluff1591 necklace33520 necktie11722 nocturnal vision's striped hoodie35 non-pony oc2537 nose piercing4391 nose ring3146 not silverstream20 not terramar11 oc request10 oc x oc24592 ocbetes9117 offspring50660 oliver sykes519 one eye closed46991 one leg raised455 one wing out896 open mouth245279 open smile34385 orange eyes1382 orange mane630 orange tail215 pair212 pants23121 parent:fluttershy6543 parent:soarin'3456 parents:soarinshy69 paw pads4093 paws7510 peace sign4892 pearl necklace2888 pegasus oc37581 piercing66381 pigtails6870 pin467 pink mane3223 pink tail1393 pipboy1026 pipbuck4488 pistol3020 pitchfork380 playing2007 plushie31359 png1418 pocket293 pointing5863 poison joke980 ponified51716 ponified music artist36 pony pile976 ponyloaf918 ponysona3835 ponytail28269 pose8816 potion3061 preening1171 prone36156 purple1175 purple dress188 purple eye31 purple eyes6555 rainbow dash plushie159 raised hoof72318 raised leg12396 realistic mane84 rearing7908 record865 red eye132 red eyes12305 regalia37950 request4703 requested art2110 revolver2134 ring7156 rose5364 ruffled wing12 saddle bag8436 scales3002 scar16891 scarf32635 screen566 screwdriver539 scroll4407 security91 self paradox4437 self ponidox10611 semi-ponified19 shading4339 shipping258778 shirt42271 shirt design458 shorts20169 show accurate27295 sibling love738 siblings23234 sign5312 silver128 sitting95289 size difference22483 skull4436 skunk stripe415 skunk tail18 slit pupils7959 smiling410334 smiling at you27883 smug9402 snout425 snuggling7469 socks97955 special40 spiked choker3106 spiked collar2077 spikes1120 spiky mane213 spread wings98744 stallion201772 standing26864 star (coat marking)831 stetson5960 stitches1357 straight182868 strap99 stripe12 striped hoodie51 striped mane893 striped scarf1835 striped socks28849 striped tail501 stripes2545 sun9551 sunglasses21541 sweatshirt647 t-shirt7414 tail109753 talons1700 tattoo8436 teal eyes784 tears of blood488 teenager7845 teeth23170 telekinesis39909 text92159 thanksgiving530 three quarter view2951 toe ring1082 tongue out150829 top hat5705 torn ear1848 translucent217 transparent flesh701 transparent wings1213 trixie's cutie mark34 trotting2136 truth1119 two toned coat535 two toned hair1006 two toned mane6635 two toned tail3398 two toned wings6533 umbrella3657 underfoot503 underhoof70586 unicorn oc32615 unshorn fetlocks49244 upside-down hoof heart527 vault suit4487 vector90770 wall of tags7087 watermelon1003 waving4389 waving at you403 weapon42069 weapons-grade cute4747 white546 windigo oc121 wing fluff2629 wing sleeves384 wings232965 wink33626 winking at you3578 wizard hat1295 wrench1039 yellow eyes4256 zipper1266


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MK Pony Mod
Pixel Perfection - I still call her Lightning Bolt
Shimmering Smile - Celebrated the 10th anniversary of Equestria Girls!
Crystal Roseluck - Had their OC in the 2023 Derpibooru Collab.
Elements of Harmony - Had an OC in the 2022 Community Collab
Lunar Supporter - Helped forge New Lunar Republic's freedom in the face of the Solar Empire's oppressive tyrannical regime (April Fools 2023).
Tree of Harmony - Drew someone's OC for the 2022 Community Collab
Non-Fungible Trixie -
Kinship Through Differences - Celebrated the 11th anniversary of MLP:FIM!
Twinkling Balloon - Took part in the 2021 community collab.
Toola Roola - For helping others attend the 2019 Community Collab

they/xe pronouns
LMAO literally in the very left bottom corner is part of the sign my OC is holding in the collab- I see you Game Point’s Sign /hj