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safe1970936 artist:saturnspace268 applejack187748 berry punch7108 berryshine7108 big macintosh31294 bon bon17819 cheerilee10721 derpy hooves54001 dj pon-331550 doctor whooves11436 fluttershy238105 lyra heartstrings32154 marble pie7527 minuette6461 octavia melody25991 pinkie pie238539 rainbow dash259255 rarity203099 rocky369 smarty pants1526 spike87281 sweetie drops17819 time turner11430 trixie74639 twilight sparkle332832 vinyl scratch31550 dragon72146 earth pony361133 pegasus406326 pony1322620 unicorn446063 80s1179 80s cheerilee403 accessory swap1905 appledash7229 balloon11777 bridge1394 bush3681 canterlot6476 cape12863 clothes558962 cloud37828 cloudy6445 doctorderpy1616 duality4930 eyes closed120627 female1602582 fire of friendship66 floating4954 fountain747 grass12665 hat108885 hearts and hooves day2456 horse collar610 hot air balloon1113 interspecies27701 lesbian108535 levitation14269 lyrabon3727 magic86440 magic aura6765 male459584 mane seven7350 mane six35336 mare617970 mountain6529 moustache3430 mouth hold21195 photoshop3918 pinkie being pinkie1557 ponyville6918 ponyville town hall408 river2378 scarf28551 scenery9294 scratchtavia3147 shared clothing828 shared scarf729 shipping229664 sparity7691 stallion149996 straight159493 stream363 sugarcube corner2831 sunglasses18375 swirly eyes2848 telekinesis34214 then watch her balloons lift her up to the sky1029 tree41411 trixie's cape4677 trixie's hat5571 twinkling balloon466 twixie5307 unicorn twilight26218 wall of tags5408 wallpaper19893 windswept mane3251


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i have used thsi as a backround for many years now and i just now relized that there is 2 derpys and 2 dr whooves one is on the brige 2nd are on a roof top behind them
Background Pony #7E2F
My Little Pony: Friendship Foals
Piña Colada is voiced by Kelly Sheridan  
Archer is voiced by Kazumi Evans  
Aquamarine is voiced by Andrea Libman  
Lemon Daze is voiced by Cathy Weseluck  
Sun Glimmer is voiced by Ashleigh Ball  
Rainy Feather is voiced by Claire Corlett
Background Pony #56D5
Silly Doctor. You don’t need to be in two places at once. Especially not with a pony sharing your last name.