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Cold Storm page 116

safe2154972 artist:cold-blooded-twilight3393 fluttershy256134 spike91850 twilight sparkle354782 dragon84292 pegasus488191 pony1582943 unicorn529107 cold blooded twilight741 comic:cold storm158 g42007432 blushing269047 cheek to cheek319 comic134175 dialogue91116 eyes closed137124 fangs39268 female1781786 flower38721 flower in hair12313 laughing10959 mare728655 nuzzling5026 open mouth233236 smiling390132 snickering194 speech bubble38175


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Background Pony #97ED
While I’m pretty sure there’s no “cartoon comedic” way to disregard someone’s right to consent, I do agree that the story so far is making light of Twi’s intention when she lost her ish upon seeing Shy, and that she was all too eager to make out with a foal when given the opportunity. Makes me wonder how the plot will touch on Twi’s sexual behavior; will she reprimanded and change for the better or will she be encouraged to continue down the rabbit hole that spawns her darker desires?
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@Background Pony #51C5
I don’t get the impression that this is the kind of comic where a lack of consent would result in any real harm to a character. I wouldn’t be surprised if bear-wrestling yellow&quiet here actually likes it really rough.
So I’m using the term liberally in the sense of cartoon comedy rape. Feel free to be offended by my lack of sensitivity.
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Background Pony #BA8A
I get the feeling that this Shy can also do “The Stare”, except this version is much more powerful. Maybe even lethal. So she takes it on herself to always keep her eyes closed.

So, does Shy come with Flutterbat Sonar.TM by default? … cause her closed eyes start to freak me out a little.
Not that it really matters, Twi is so going to rape her anyway, and it looks like she won’t even mind ^^.
Also: Pegas__us__ gratitude. Singular.