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Cold Storm page 113

safe2154733 artist:cold-blooded-twilight3392 fluttershy256111 spike91845 twilight sparkle354738 pegasus488070 pony1582695 unicorn529007 cold blooded twilight741 comic:cold storm158 g42007300 blushing268985 comic134148 dialogue91099 eyes closed137086 female1781489 flower38707 flower in hair12306 mare728495 open mouth233167 open smile29454 pain2739 shivering2548 smiling390025 speech bubble38153 unicorn twilight32419


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All correct, except I don’t think Twi compressed her orbit just for Sweetie’s sake.
Rarity is sensitive to magical fields and felt offended by Twilight’s “aggressive” display of power.
So it was more of a “two birds with one stone” kinda deal - proving her trustworthiness to Rares and reducing the chances of further harm to Sweetie. She probably could’ve helped her just as well from a few steps farther away.

I’m not 100% sure myself, but contextually, based on the discussion on pages 88-90, Unicorns have a magical aura, a component of which is the ‘orbit’.
other facts gleaned from the comic itself:
The ‘state of [Twilight’s] orbit’ is unusual and caused by an incident. Twilight is still recovering.
Sweetie Belle was negatively affected by being exposed to a careless Noble’s ‘orbit’. Sweetie’s condition was externally visible by magic crackling from her horn and is painful, given that it’s driven her to the floor and she is crying.
Twilight, after hearing what happened to Sweetie, is compressing her aura to reduce the danger caused by her orbit., as her aura can still affect Sweetie, possibly worsening her condition?