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Cold Storm page 109

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explicit465161 artist:cold-blooded-twilight3392 fluttershy256112 spike91845 twilight sparkle354739 dragon84283 pegasus488075 pony1582700 unicorn529009 comic:cold storm158 g42007301 accident1547 autumn2411 blind1269 blood31080 bush4518 colored eyelashes1315 comic134148 dialogue91099 eyes closed137086 faceplant805 fear1426 female1781492 flower38708 injured4418 male543214 mare728496 nosebleed2953 shivering2548 speech bubble38153 subtly explicit480 trip118 unicorn twilight32419 vaginal secretions52362


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At first I though so too, Spike and Rares were clearly reacting to something, but I can’t tell what exactly.
Maybe it was the presence at the door and Twi simply didn’t react because she was getting ready to pounce …
or they were indeed reacting to Twis sudden shift in tone and topic. I mean, “Thanks for the makeover, now how about I show you a good time ?!?” Classic Twilight, smooth and subtle like a train wreck.
But…in the next panel Spike’s grooving and folding towels acting like nothing has happened
and later when Twi teases him about his crush on Rarity he doesn’t mention it either.
He’s a lot more confident and assertive than canon Spike, it would’ve been the perfect moment to say something like
“Oh, btw Twilight, next time you realize I have a “crush” on somepony, could you, like, not immediately try to fuck her? That’d be sweet.” Okay, maybe he’d be less passive aggressive, but it doesn’t seem out of character for this Spike to bring up the topic had it actually bothered him.
But he didn’t. Apparently in his eyes nobles harassing villagers is a bigger issue than Twi humping his crush, if it’s an issue at all.
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I coulda sworn Spike reacted a bit with her hitting on Rarity.
I mean the dragon has a crush on the white unicorn. Is he really gonna let Twily try to diddle Rarity like that?

I think Kalenz’s comment made it clear that they are fully aware that Twi wants sex.
But there’s something else going on and quite ironically you two seem to be the ones in the dark.
Spike knew that Twi - after dropping the ball with RD - was going to try and get her snout wet when she went to town hall … and when she returned with a satisfied grin on her now wet snout, confirming that she had indeed gone down on the mayor, he just reacted with amusement.
No complaints about “doing something bad” … and god only knows how far AJ and her folks went with their hospitality. Spike apparently reached his limit for lewd first hand experiences … but no negative comments after that either.
It seems like he’s used to Twi fucking cute mares left right and center, he didn’t even react when she started hitting on Rarity.
So whatever she was going to do to RD, whatever she about to do in the mayor’s office before regaining her senses … it’s more than just sex.
Uttering things like “Let me drink you in” and “I’d just-EAT.YOU.UP.” while visually turning into a salivating predator … it’s almost like she’s possessed and losing control would have serious consequences for her partner …
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OK stop this teasing and foreshadowing. What the fuck is going on with Twi?
What bad thing was she about to do? If she’s just horny just let her fuck somepony so she get’s it out of her system.
Pretty sure several ponies she’s met that day would have been delighted to oblige. xp
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Given the contents of the past two pages and the wet spot between Twi’s legs in the first panel, I’ve got some doubts about that “Safe” rating, so I’ma change it.
Also, as everyone below has said, Shy looks gorgeous here, but I’ve got a feeling about what’d happen if she were to open her eyes.
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Either she’s blind, too shy to want to see the world, or SHIT’S GONNA GO FUCKING DOWN if she de-Brock’s herself.
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That second panel with Fluttershy saying “ah?” instantly made me think of a female healer in Disgaea. Just reverse the direction she is facing and its pretty similar.
I agree with something being up with her eyes so she keeps them closed. Either the STARE is much more powerful here, or they are just ridiculously beautiful.
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…The eyes being closed it’s like… The buildup in a movie. You know she’s gonna look amazing with her eyes open, but she either won’t for a few pages, or she’ll open them next panel. Either way, now I’m looking forward to it~
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Flutters Hitchy Glimglam
She is already looking so majestic with eyes closed. If she had her eyes open, every living creature would die of cuteness. That’s why she has her eyes closed. She is trying to keep us safe.
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Master Chief Pone
Fluttershy is an absolute beauty in this, she can even rival Celestia’s beauty no doubt.Also damn that must have hurt for Twi