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Cold Storm page 107

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suggestive188717 artist:cold-blooded-twilight3391 fluttershy256080 spike91832 twilight sparkle354692 bird13549 dragon84259 pegasus487969 pony1582377 unicorn528755 cold blooded twilight741 comic:cold storm158 g42007175 backbend1804 blushing268932 bush4516 colored eyelashes1315 comic134136 dialogue91063 drool34084 eyes closed137050 fangs39246 female1781138 flower38693 flower in hair12304 heart74642 hiding in bushes62 imminent rape1923 imminent sex10490 lust380 male543099 mare728246 music notes4628 open mouth233074 open smile29411 rapeface1180 salivating2427 scared14130 sharp teeth6213 shivering2547 smiling389890 teeth21074 this will end in snu snu749 this will not end well2435 tongue out144912 unicorn twilight32404


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Fluttershy is a mare that massages bears. She’d probably execute a Germane suplex on Twi, if anything. Or a solid blow to whatever she can hit. If there isn’t broken bones and fractures, then it’ll at least result in broken blood vessels and bruising. Of course, given that Twi hasn’t known Fluttershy at all, she’s not going to know about Fluttershy’s strength.
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Now I just need to see Twilight getting jealous that Fluttershy is only looking at Spike.