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I do not own any of these pictures nor did I make them. all of the credits belongs to the artist The Butch X.
I’ve made a big wallpaper picture featuring my favorite cute girls. I hope you will find them amazing as I find them amazing two.
And also here’s a fun game. In the comments which one of these beautiful cute sweethearts you want to be your girlfriend🥰💜. Enjoy
Rara: >>1769881
Wallflower Blush: >>1892689
Vinyl Scratch/DJ-Pon3: >>1911367
Maud Pie: >>2133091
Roseluck: >>2133090
Watermelody: >>1911361
Sweet Leaf: >>2109511
Blueberry Cake: >>1809762
Lyra Heartstrings: >>2109515
Trixie: >>1911365
Melon Mints: >>1866479
Upper Crust: >>1802923
Orange Sherbette: >>1838423
Zephyr: >>1911363
Fleur de lis: >>2025762
Starlight Glimmer: >>2109506
Adagio Dazzle: >>2227534
Violet Blurr: >>2025749
Sunny Flare: >>2025739
Bon Bon: >>2109516
Indigo Zap: >>1823621
Pixel Pizazz: >>1802913
Octavia Melody: >>1911366
Photo Finish: >>2025748
Sweeten Sour: >>2109512

safe2155230 artist:the-butch-x1663 edit171346 part of a set22925 adagio dazzle15912 blueberry cake872 bon bon18702 boulder (g4)1476 coloratura3524 dj pon-332969 drama letter829 fleur-de-lis4515 indigo zap2926 lyra heartstrings33902 majorette198 maud pie14845 melon mint201 octavia melody27416 orange sherbette213 photo finish2983 pixel pizazz446 roseluck6109 starlight glimmer59373 sunny flare3177 sweet leaf646 sweeten sour198 sweetie drops18702 trixie78979 upper crust762 vinyl scratch32969 violet blurr409 wallflower blush2974 watermelody1122 zephyr82 human240937 equestria girls253353 equestria girls series40335 find the magic302 forgotten friendship6446 friendship games14285 g42008093 rainbow rocks19895 sunset's backstage pass!2891 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)17170 :i1906 abs15595 adorabon870 adorasexy12596 arm behind head9947 ass80789 athletic293 background human6939 ball5522 bandage7549 bandaid3112 bare shoulders6064 beanie4837 bed56842 belly button108563 beret2815 big breasts123874 blushing269142 book42996 bookshelf5556 boots32915 bow43981 bowtie14664 breasts385424 brown eyes1240 busty blueberry cake21 busty fleur-de-lis747 busty melon mint32 busty octavia melody3165 busty orange sherbette47 busty vinyl scratch3142 busty violet blurr18 busty watermelody30 butch's hello138 butt226980 cafeteria270 chair11629 choker20873 cleavage46000 clothes625974 commission114943 confused6613 crepuscular rays4759 crossed legs4726 crystal prep academy uniform4122 crystal prep shadowbolts1426 cute263267 cutie mark accessory786 cutie mark necklace160 cutie mark on clothes5876 dress61034 drinking straw1421 ear blush1696 ear piercing42731 equestria girls logo899 excited4188 eyes closed137155 faic14835 female1782010 fingerless gloves6608 flowerbetes263 food100027 football1945 forest15294 freckles43029 glasses87324 glimmerbetes4752 gloves29614 grass15027 hairpin3602 hat122745 headphones10403 high heels16846 hoodie20319 i mean i see562 ice cream6603 indoors7739 jacket19597 jewelry110818 juice1837 kneesocks1439 leg band167 legs11720 library4127 logo6142 looking at you254763 lyrabetes1750 mall327 minidress280 miniskirt6813 miss fleur is trying to seduce us375 mlem1154 moe1334 motion blur700 my little pony logo6135 nail polish11435 necklace31823 nervous8473 off shoulder1660 one eye closed45056 open mouth233315 pants21990 pantyhose4137 peace sign4696 pen1601 piercing62704 pigtails6498 pillow25157 plaid skirt843 pleated skirt4487 pointing at self209 question mark6607 raised eyebrow9818 rara1230 rarabetes230 ripped pants906 school uniform9420 schrödinger's pantsu581 scowl810 sexy45305 shadowbolts2151 shirt39557 shirt lift3727 shoes58368 shorts19315 signature42696 silly8829 sitting90799 skirt54656 skirt lift5406 skull4277 smiling390264 soccer field248 socks94047 speech bubble38191 spiked wristband2017 sports5540 sports shorts1626 stairs2172 straw2462 striped sweater105 sweat39877 sweater19330 sweet dreams fuel2035 sweetenbetes6 table12856 tape2360 that human sure does love ice cream91 that pony sure does love ice cream113 the snapshots166 thigh highs58290 tongue out145036 torn clothes6835 treble clef82 tree48331 trophy959 twintails2284 uniform16267 upper butt34 upskirt denied183 vest5800 wall of tags6425 wallflower and plants83 waving4205 window13595 wink32542 wristband5207 yoga pants1180 yorick31 ¿?5


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Background Pony #596B
Adagio is redeemed only in the book Starswirl Do over in the happy ending