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I’m not that good at drawing art so I took a screenshot of the preening artworks for April Fools 2021.

suggestive188533 artist:artistmeli3 artist:badumsquish-edits243 artist:byteslice226 artist:cornelia_nelson1046 artist:ferrarienzo5 artist:goldenflow19 artist:lailyren303 artist:lightningbolt1240 artist:litrojia148 artist:red45671070 artist:shaslan120 artist:shiroikitten56 artist:silfoe1573 artist:sky-spark6 artist:skyarrow26 artist:somber446 artist:strat-fim3 artist:taaffeiite447 artist:twilyisbestpone438 artist:watermelonrat35 artist:yoditax1222 artist:zackwhitefang97 derpibooru exclusive39887 edit171134 editor:derpy whooves3 derpy hooves57016 fluttershy255914 gilda11227 ocellus6754 pinkie pie253460 princess cadance39501 princess luna116226 rainbow dash277093 shining armor27664 silverstream7657 smolder11197 terramar972 twilight sparkle354475 oc935411 oc only679229 oc:amber swirl16 oc:cottonwood kindle69 oc:delly247 oc:fly dart3 oc:glade9 oc:power drift30 oc:turntable23 oc:zack whitefang45 oc:zoneitie2 alicorn309734 bat pony73604 bird13539 butterfly9587 earth pony437159 griffon36278 hippogriff13423 horse4418 parrot701 pegasus487251 pony1580598 unicorn527990 derpibooru7968 g42005107 .svg available10665 1000 hours in ms paint7099 3d120735 abstract background23494 alternate design5591 angry36234 animal7918 april fools1124 april fools 202176 base used33284 bat pony oc28998 beak1903 bed56675 bedroom eyes81007 behaving like a bird751 behaving like a dog1701 blanket7410 blue eyes12102 blushing268559 brothers1523 bust76528 butt touch7846 caption25786 chest fluff63814 claws7143 clothes624867 colored24601 colored hooves11545 colored sketch4398 colored wings13639 colored wingtips2583 colt20315 commission114637 couple7724 crack shipping4260 cuddling10629 cute262970 cutie mark51530 dashabetes12091 derpabetes3692 do not want725 dock69952 ear fluff49148 eye clipping through hair13754 eyelashes25879 fanfic art18424 feather8468 female1779092 flat colors3160 food99858 frown35458 gay36674 gildarmor21 goggles18215 google chrome380 grooming943 hair3313 hair over one eye12620 happy43826 hippogriff oc1134 horn178362 hug37149 human to pony1877 image macro40044 indignant20 infidelity9795 intentionally bad69 interspecies31155 irl82823 jewelry110537 kent brockman30 lesbian116402 licking27260 lidded eyes46697 lip piercing1811 looking at each other33484 lying down44481 male542363 mare727163 meme93179 meta18476 mike fuentes23 monochrome173476 muffin7455 necklace31763 nest702 nom3523 nudity504477 oc x oc23324 offended105 on bed7793 outdoors20673 park1561 parody17353 paws7167 pet2267 photo95665 picnic1744 pierce the veil149 piercing62560 pillow25112 plushie30679 ponified50233 portrait41096 preenhub47 preenhub exclusive3 preening1162 prone34499 public2087 purple background5708 raised eyebrow9787 raised hoof68387 sheath3710 ship:flutterdash5955 shipping250948 shirt39460 show accurate26411 shyabetes18995 siblings21130 side view3632 signature42566 simple background584796 sitting90641 sketch81375 smiling389186 snuggling7387 source filmmaker67241 speech bubble38069 spread wings91712 stallion191394 stick pony242 straight176261 stylistic suck1321 svg5215 t-shirt6928 tail95425 talon37 tattoo8071 television3344 text87763 the simpsons2098 three quarter view2825 tongue out144714 traditional art141596 transparent background280911 trying6 twilight sparkle (alicorn)147926 underhoof67897 underpaw2121 unshorn fetlocks45071 vector89261 vic fuentes116 wall of tags6408 wholesome porn332 winghug3849 wings216434 younger22603


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A Song and a butterfly
so the url is derpibooru, but the icon is preenhub  
does this confuse anyone else?  
i shall now attempt to name every tab, even though i only know maybe 1 or 2  
2x youtube, 2x probably windows store, pintrest, 2x idk but in sweetie bell colors, divient art 4x idk but in sweetiebell colors, derpibooru, derpi/preen, 4x devient art, 2x furbooru/animal jam, google serch, idk but in purple, idk with a red m, twitter with ping, idk but a bar graph, tab will not open, 2x idk but a bar graph, 2x page will not open, 5x youtube, 3x idk but pretty rainbow boxes.  
for a grand total of… 39 tabs!  
you’re welcome